Mazda and leasing?

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Anyone have any experience with Mazdas? They seem to be pretty skimpy on discounts from looking at TrueCar, CarGurus and other pricing sites. Any insight on the brand and how they lease? Is it worth it to find a broker who deals with them? I’m starting to look into a CX-5 GT with Premium in NY/NJ. Thanks!

Contact @nyclife, he can help you.

So broker is the way to go in your opinion?

I leased 2 Mazdas - like all leases it’s about timing if you want a deal. When do you need your new one?

If you don’t want to do the legwork. If you have the time and learn from reading here you can typically beat broker deals. Worth trying in my opinion and can always seek a broker if you don’t get anywhere.

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Very soon. I’m thinking I’d like to see one this weekend and if I like it, get one ASAP.

Have you checked the lease programs on the 2019 (if it still exists) and the 2020? Have you found a volume dealer near you?

I wouldn’t mind a ‘19 if it’s cheaper. How do I find a volume dealer? I think there aren’t many Mazda dealers nearby.

If you haven’t already, post on Edmunds (2 posts, one for 2019 CX5 and one for 2020) requesting the residual/MF/Incentives for the term you want (months/miles) for your zip code. You need this to guesstimate the floor for your lease deal.

Once you know if you’re chasing a ‘19 or ‘20 you can search to see who is near you with a lot of them (I use and how long it’s been ripening on the log (cargurus).

It’s research and leg work. As others suggested, consider hiring a broker if you aren’t up for that.


Did you search the forum?


Thought read your post on here you recently got into Volvo.

How long ago did you get the Mazda leases

Why Mazda?

See people paying more for Mazda lease than comparable model class lux or pseudo-lux brands models.

Have owned Mazda before but not leased because they have not been competitive with their lease programs. Cheap to buy car plans essentially

Yes I have been. My thought is that Mazda’s appear to be a little different in that the dealer networks are not as robust and I don’t see much in the way of “discounts”. I like the fact that it appears to be between mass market and a premium brand. At this point I’m assuming a broker may have a better process and refer enough business to have a decent discount.

Possibly referring to me? Got a 44k 2019 CX9 GT for my father in law last month for 395/month zero DAS in PA. Incentives were ok but the MF was almost zero and the discount was strong. Not sure about this month.

I have a Volvo now - why does it matter? I had 2, I worked a deal on a CX-5 (I didn’t take) before I took the XC60 and I helped a friend lease one in 2019.

Of the non-lux Japanese I’d argue they drive nice and they’re nice inside. I worked a much better lease deal on Outback but I like the new CX-5 better (coming from a guy who had an early production CX-5 that was a lemon).

And why does it matter if that’s what OP is shopping? What have you added to this discussion?

I don’t see an Edmunds post from you yet but the GT looks like it has trunk money in some markets, MF is effectively 0%

on a 36/12k
.00001 and 57%
GT AWD - $1280

Double check for your zip but if that’s the ride you want, you may not get a unicorn but there’s a deal there.

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There was a guy who got a GT for $330 incl NY tax, $0 DAS a few weeks ago.

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I received a quote for a 2019 GT with premium package for $336 per month taxes included (36 months 12K miles).

Also, received a quote on a 2019 Touring (not the grand touring) for $302 per month taxes included (36 months 12K miles).

What do you all think about those deals?

No idea.

MSRP? Pre-incentive discount? Did you verify with Edmunds? Calculator link?

That ‘19 GT quote sounds great for $330. I’m hoping to target $350 or below for a 19 or 20 with tax (~9%.)

AWD is a $1400 option. If your numbers include AWD, I’d say you are getting close to the bottom, but can probably squeeze another $5-10/month out. IMO, skip the Touring and go straight to the GT Premium. The features/$ is worth the upgrade.