Mazda 6 Touring with w/Bose/Sunroof and Tech Pkg


I’m looking to lease a Mazada 6 Touring w/Bose/Sunroof and Tech Pkg. with 36/12

Got a an offer from a dealer for purchasing for $25,225 (this include a $1000 cash Rebate).

i’m interest to see what lease cost i can negotiate.
Can i get the MF, Residual, and any incentives?

This is for ZIp code 94609.
MSRP is $28,830

Thank you!

2016 Mazda 6 Touring

36/12K: 50% residual, .00001 MF, $2,340 lease cash
Targeted: $750 Mazda Lease Loyalty, $500 Mazda Owner, $500 Military

With a selling price of $26,225, that amounts to about $280/month + tax and $0 down + drive-offs.

This is a good lease-to-buy candidate, since the residual is low, the MF is near zero, and the rebates are greater on a lease than a purchase.

Thank you michael for the info.

I will work with the dealer and update the thread on the lease offers i get so other can see what is possible to get on a Mazda 6 in the bay area.

Hi Tomer, any updates on Mazda 6 leasing? I’m looking to get a deal on this too. Thanks.

Sorry Wayner, i been busy with other commitments and didn’t made any progress on this.

I’m still looking to lease a new car and will be interest to hear about any current deals with Mazda.


got a quote for Mazda 6 Touring yesterday, 12K/yr, 3 yrs, 280/month, tax included, 377 drive off. Not very happy with it. Any ideas?

What’s the MSRP of the vehicle? If it has Bose, moonroof and technology package, that looks like a good deal. If not, then more room to negotiate.

It is base Touring. What is the number I should aim for? Thanks!

I got an offer for a 36/10k with Tech & Moonroof/Bose Packages for $298 a month + Tax 3 weeks ago.

This is based on a price of $23887 (MSRP is $28830) and includes a $1000 off discount.


Wayne - I also replied to your PM. Your target price for a base automatic touring model with MSRP ~$26000 should be $250-$260 per month before tax.

Hey guys, I was just quoted on a 36/12K, base Touring ($26030 MSRP), $265+ tax and $0 out the door. What do you guys think?

I believe you have another $10-15 minimum that they could shave off of that. Focus on the sale price of the vehicle since the incentives are so great and there is basically no MF.