Mazda 6 sport lease


I’m in the market for a lease and interested in a mazda 6. I’ve been to a couple dealers and am being laughed at when I tell them my target price is under 300 at 0 sign off and 15K miles/year. The residual i’ve been told is 52%. The best i’ve been offered is $325/mo. or so.
And thats on the Mazda 6 sport. Ideally I wanted a touring.

Are my goals unrealistic? Historically does Mazda just not lease well? If thats the case, I may go out and get a different midsize sedan that is leasing well if you guys have any suggestions.


Mazdas typically do not lease well. Unless your heart is set on a 6, You could get more for your money elsewhere.

You can’t choose a car and simply assume that it will fit into your budget. Life doesn’t work like that. Depreciation alone on a 6 Touring is around $325 a month, and that doesn’t take fees or rent charge into account. It simply isn’t possible considering that Mazda doesn’t discount much from MSRP.


If you’re set on the mazda 6, and I can’t blame you, you’ll be much better served buying used. You can get a 2017 touring for probably less than 17k and in three years it will still be worth over 10. Leasing at 300/month over 36 months will cost you 11-12k over the term with nothing to show for it at the end. A perfect example of when leasing is not the answer.


fair enough, thats certainly disappointing