Mazda 500$ Coupon for Lease / Purchase your email

From Chase

As a valued Chase customer, Mazda is offering you an exclusive opportunity to save $500 when you purchase or lease a new 2016 or 2016.5 Mazda through Mazda Capital Services by May 31, 2016.1

Select your new Mazda and you or any member of your household2 can use this coupon to save $500 on the purchase or lease of your new Mazda. Hurry, this special offer ends soon.

I just got this email.

Asked my dealer to apply this to my deal. Hope they will do so. I have not yet taken delivery but agreed on the proposed deal last Friday.

What car are you getting? And, how much are you payn?

Mazda 3 S Grand Touring MT
White: $200

MSRP: 25835
Selling Price: 25074
$915 lease cash
$500 auto show cash
$23659 tot. capital cost
MF: 0.00001

284/month for 36 months 15k a year

tax/bank fee/dmv paid at signing ~$2000

This was in NY

And that is why i can’t possibly lease a mazda, even with the bonus $500, they are WAY more expensive than the competition.

Yes residual was 52%. You can probably find a Civic for around 60%. However the stop sale on the 2.0 engine with the MT makes it impossible to find one at the moment.

And cars in this price range equipped with a MT are becoming harder and harder to find.

Jetta is way cheaper and def comes with a manual, i think you could get a GTI for similar money, and be way happier and not have to worry about maintenance with either. Other options that should be similar $ wise that i would rather have: Fiesta ST/Focus ST, Mini, ILX should be close, maybe even a bmw 320 if you know what you are doing. Never drove a 3, but drove a new 6 and felt very MEH about it.

I have a 2013 Focus ST now and it drops out of first.