Mazda 2018 CX5 Touring Good deal?



My husband received this quote from a local dealer. Not sure if it’s a good deal or what other question to ask! Thanks in advance for your help!

2018 CX-5 AWD CX5TRXA 4dr Wagon Touring
Out of Pocket
Term Rebate 0.00. 471.80. $2000
36mo/10k. 360.00 199-209 184-194. 141-151

Retail price. 28,510. MSRP
Savings. 1808
Selling price 26,702
Options. 0.00
Sub Total 26,702
Fees. 307.10
Tax (PA). 1331.12
Trade. 4600.00
Net price. 23,740.22

Residual = 57% (16,250.70)
Money Factor 0.00001
Acquisition Fee = 595

$0 due at signing


I was between a 2019 GT Premium and a 2019 T Premium.
GT Premium was 36m/10k $349month, $2082(first payment included).
T Premium was 36m/10k $299month, $1800(first payment included).
That being said, I dont think it’s a good deal at all on a 2018.
You can do better and get a 2019.


Sounds a bit stiff. I leased 2018 CX5 Grand Touring in December 2018 and my final settlement with dealer was I pay $189/month @ 36 months for 10k miles a year. I did pay $6000 down that covers all cost including acquisition, doc fee and dealer also paid 1st month.