May 21' Midwest Volvo Deals - All Models Spreadsheet Inside. Nationwide Transport Available

[Will add more later]

Hello! Please see my current Volvo offerings below!

As a quick note - I am required to disclose that I am licensed and bonded as a car broker and have the proper credentials to facilitate your new car deal.

May Programs are here! The sheet is current as of today.

  • A Plan is now available on all deals! The program is unrestricted as of May 1st. $750 A plan on all vehicles and $1500 on S60s!
  • First Responder, Teacher, Penfed, USAA, and all other affinity pins are $500 on all units.
  • $500 loyalty across the board, which cannot be stacked with pull ahead (XC60 and S60 are still $1000)
  • $1000 conquest on S60s and XC60s if you have a non-volvo vehicle in the household.
  • Pull ahead is 6 months and cannot be combined with loyalty.

Vehicle Status

  • My2021 production has ended.
  • Loaners are scarce as of now - Volvo has ended the program for all XC platforms so do not expect many towards the end of the year.
  • As of today - expect 2022s to arrive in July/August.
  • Added a few more V60s and S60s

If you’re looking for a car in the next 60 days - it would be wise to consider buying now while inventory is higher. I expect most dealers to be under a 60 day supply in June.

As a new process, my dealer network has asked me to try something different.

We have created a new delivery program for ALL vehicles (New and Loaner)

If you live in IL, WI, IN, TN, KY, MN home delivery can be added for $200.
If you live in MI, OH, GA, CO, Texas home delivery can be added for $300.
If you live in FL, NC, SC, LA (Louisiana), home delivery can be added for $600.

Any states not listed, please inquire.

We will experiment more with this in the coming months.

Shipping deals to all areas, including CA.

NE is possible but is likely wiser to reach out to a local broker.

Please email requests -


Hi there, I’m interested in the xc60 you posted, could you provide me with the specs/options present on this vehicle and if there is an option for either a 12k or 15k miles and what those monthly payments may be. Thank you!

Hi @Jatin_Patel

I’ve provided that info on the spreadsheet, re the specs/options.

You can use the LH calc link (reposted below) to change the mileage to your own needs. If you’re interested in going further or want a total breakdown on the deal you can email me where I’m happy to explain my process further.

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Hi @Benedetto I just PMed you. I’m interested in the T5 R @ 65k MSRP

New Sheet with new cars - Will update programs and more XC90s when I have a moment.

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I would like to have S60 or XC60 w/ advanced. I’ve sent a PM yesterday.

My contact info is listed on the spreadsheet.

PM, isn’t something I’m always looking at.

okay. Will email you in a min.

Just as a heads up to onlookers. I don’t expect you to just jump on a deal - I get it, you’re looking for the best value.

However, sending me this is a quick way for me to decline working with you.


More units on there - XC90 T5 R Design 66k MSRP for $444 + tax w/ MSDS !

Hey ben,
I would like to know what would be my payment for zip 61615 with Tax and how much is msds. Thank you. You can message me. thanks

What car… ?

can you send me private message thanks

T5 R is pending.

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What’s are the details re: shipping? Possible to NY/NJ/CT area?

Or you can just contact him directly and ask for his deals in tri-state.

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Updated sheet w/ more cars

Check line 15 for crazy deal

Loaner XC90 that was in an accident.

Vehicle was repaired and still eligible for lease - comes with wear and tear from Volvo.

$365 + tax w/ drive off and MSDs.

Edit: Unfortunately, upon further researching the Volvo finance rules, this vehicle is not eligible for lease.

It had “slight” frame damage and once there is a structural issue, Volvo will not fund a lease deal.

Has been taken down off the spreadsheet.

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If I wasn’t coming out of a white exterior brown interior car, I wouldn’t even try to hack, just take that loaner and be done with it. Sick deal, as long as the car wasn’t borderline totaled.

Line 15 is already pending.

I will answer PM’s in the order I received them in, should buyer change mind.

I sent you PM for #15 few minutes back.
Let me know if it comes back again:)