May 2024 VOLVO Offers - TX DFW

Unfortunately, for Texas, the taxes slaughter the deal numbers posted there. Without tax credits the over inflated EV prices kill Texas deals.

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Are Tax Credits usually not available from any Volvo dealers, or just yours?

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Are polestars still sold through Volvo dealers or just polestar?

Polestar dealers - Volvo dealers typically dont sell Polestars. In DFW area it is Grubbs or Polestar Grapevine.

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Looking for XC60 recharge ultimate black - dfw with Costco, military, a plan and trade.

Do you offer 6 payments pull ahead program?

Our dealer sells Polestars
With these no programs, I cannot even keep them in stock long enough to highlight them on the spreadsheet.
I just got more cars in and they’re all sold this morning.

Yes, as long as your account is in good standing with VCFS we can offer it

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Prices all marked down further

Discount % is dealer discount + lease allowance
Any loyalty and affinity offers are left out and can be stacked.

Interesting. I’d be game for one if I could figure out which dealerships are offering tax credits. I wonder what the lease numbers looks like either with or without the credit… FWIW I have a 2020 X3M Comp available to trade.

I’ll shoot you a message and we can go over it together.

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Any XC 90 T6 or T8 on sale? Thanks

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We do have XC60 and XC90s for sale here is our spreadsheet. Let me know what you think

Do you see better numbers for TX ? Feel free to share if you do.
IMO these are competitive for TX - Sales tax credits will make or break your deal here !

I missed Texas. Was looking at south tag. Deleted post

Unfortunately, our Volvo numbers in TX usually aren’t nearly as attractive as states with lower taxing situations.