May 2022 Update>> Genesis G70, G80, G90, GV70 and GV80

What are you trying to bring to the thread with this string of subjective opinions and personal anecdotes?


Sold At 68,5+++ :+1: Congrats on your new purchase Richard!

What is the % off MSRP on G70 3.3t awd standard before incentives

Is that not allowed?

2k over sticker?

Genesis has a very limited inventory of Prestige package on both 2.5 and 3.5 and the demand is way higher than what’s out.
As we speak the next 16 Prestige G80 and GV80s in my pipeline are already booked with solid deposit in house.

GV80s already discounted in midwest…

Just wish they would get in the lease game…

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Nick I appreciate if you provide some proof with your claim on my paid page, so it doesn’t look like a nonsense!
I do and I’ve done deals with serious buyers that I get too deep behind sticker to earn their business on package 1 and package 2 cars which I have an abundant in my inventory.
It’s not the case on the Prestige package, some dealers have none and others barely have one or two left…

Maybe you would appreciate my direct upfront numbers much more if you take a day off and go to a Genesis dealer to see some ridiculously higher numbers being presented to you…



No idea what you are talking about.

GV80s are on listed below MSRP. I would love if genesis would start getting aggressive on leases like the Germans.

Just a general comment…


I looked at a car over the weekend that was listed on for $3k under MSRP. When I got to the dealer, they had $5k worth of dealer add ons on it. Sure, it was “under MSRP” until it wasn’t.

Point being that what gets advertised on those sites isn’t always reality.


I recently spent a couple of days shopping Hyundai Palisade’s and there are plenty of dealers on showing discounts on AWD Limited models in popular colors. But, contact them and they have THOUSANDS in dealer options on them when you call. Discounting the MSRP $2k and adding $6.5K in dealer options at retail is not the deal I’m looking for.

I found the Palisade and made a deal to purchase on the last day of March. Leases were not a good deal and the car is for my 83 year old mother.

It was much easier leasing the RX350 from a broker on this site for my Aunt on the last day of March too.

My point is this site is a great asset. It helps “normal” people get cars at better deals and become more informed consumers. I have dealt with several brokers on this site because I leased very different vehicles. The brokers I have dealt with were very, very fair and professional.

Pricing on cars is a fickle thing. Certain colors and options can make cars have dramatically different values.

I always try to keep the following phrase in mind: Just because you don’t like the information you are receiving, doesn’t mean it is wrong.


Yes, it’s the same case for my Genesis Customers as well, as I mentioned before… used car auctions are strong and it’s a great time to benefit from the temporary pumped used car market to come out of your leases early to avoid your dispo fee, remaining monthly fees. I don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but we are enjoying the ride as long as we can…

Are there any specials on the G70 3.3? and any idea when the refresh model will arrive?

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my dealer has 5 2022 arriving mid june. i’m in orlando.

Hi @vinji - when GV70? :grinning:

22s are here :point_up_2:

New redesigned 2022 G70 Body
Got one Blue and One White
Both 3.3T


Awesome! Is it only the launch model or all models? What’s the pricing like?

Nope, not the Launch Models. I’m getting those too…
These two are standard 3.3T

2022 G70 3.3T
36x 7,500 miles per year
$2500 due sign, $559+tax

I’ll update my main post as soon as I get a chance :+1: