May 2022 Update>> Genesis G70, G80, G90, GV70 and GV80

Dec Update coming soon>> Limited inventory available!
Only in stock units, No dealer trade.

Call or text me on my cell 305-928-8166


Hi, are you in Miami, FL?

Any genesis SUV’s in yet? Thnx

Not yet. I need to make money on those for the first few months before I put any specials. out of the first 90 I’m getting I have 74 of them booked with deposit. But you never know, stay tuned…

Is the Black G70 still available?

Have a 24 hour deposit on the black one, not sure if his credit qualifies though. will let you know by tomorrow 1pm.

Black is back in market… first come, first serve

Full list of my demos as requested:

Sold Out

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Unlocked on request for updating with new deals. Please update thread title to match marketplace guidelines.

Interested in a 3.3 g70!

Call or text me 305-928-8166

Finally G80 and GV80 got some aggressive numbers :point_up_2:
Just updated my first post

Any deals on a 3.5T?

it’s around 11k 12k more sticker, roughly around $160 more.

Any 2.5 Rwd or AwD in stock? Looking for 12k mil per year

If so What does that # look like?

Should have add “Prestige”.

How are things looking for March on the 3.5 GV80’s?

Got a beautiful 3.5T Prestige G80 in Uyuni White with rare Blue Interior



A G80 for 66.55K msrp is ridiculous, I just purchased my 2017 G90 off lease for 55K all in. (Lease payments plus RV) . I have owned or leased five now but I think the relationship is over unless they come out with 15k lease incentives.