Maximum Toyota MSDs - varies by model?

Have been helping a friend with a lease on a Corolla. Dealership just told him that he can put up to 9 MSDs on a Corolla Hybrid LE but only 4 on a Corolla LE. I questioned this and asked if it was a function of taking the MF below zero (I’m not that involved, otherwise would know the answer to this). Answer was apparently no, that’s just the max allowable. Does this sound legit? (I am especially skeptical because we had to inform this dealer that MSDs were a thing when we leased from them three years ago). Any info is appreciated, thanks hackers!

Yes it depends on the MF of the car

Some MFs are so low, that if you exceed X amount of MSDs, it would be negative.

I agree w you

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Searching or asking Edmunds would tell pretty quickly if one had an MF low enough to go below .00001 with more 4 MSD