Maximizing Trade In Value- Used Cars?

Hello everyone! New to the forums here and could not find any info on trading in a used car when leasing a new car. Im aware that you should never put a down payment when leasing. I was wondering if there are any hacks out there for maximizing trade in values. For example,do some dealers offer X amount over “book” price or some other kind of bonus for a trade in as a promotion? Is it just up to the manager on deck to make a call about how much they will offer me?

To be clear Im looking to sell my car to the dealer, and capitalize on one of the deals here. My immediate impression is that they might not give top dollar to someone already getting a good deal, but Im hoping I can get some insight on the process?

I can only speak from my experience but dealers want to make some money somehow so typically if they give you a good deal on the new car, they will rape you on the trade in and vice versa. It also depends on the type of car you are trading in and if they are able to resell it on their lot or if they have to dump it at the car auction. I have found that the best way to go about it is to first go to carmax to see what they offer you to get some baseline idea of something you can get for your car (which is often much different for what you think you can get for your car. Then go negotiate the new lease without telling the dealer you’re trading in. Once some time was spent on this deal and you’re happy with the numbers, tell them on the back end you need to trade in your car. If they have some time invested in you and are really wanting to move the new car they might be more inclined to get you a better price on the trade in. This doesn’t always work but that’s how i’ve been doing it.


Thank you very much for the info! I was gonna go with the opposite approach actually so Im glad to see your post in time. Now just waiting on some new deals to post to give it try :wink: