Max % off on GLC300 4Matic

Anyone have recent experience with the 19 GLC300 4Matic SUV. Is 15% off achievable? I know Penfed is offering a $2200 discount when you use their CAN code. Max I’m getting is 12.5% off

Most higher end SUV’s top out at around 12% discount unless you go for a loaner/demo or wait for end of line clearances. Add MSD’s and base MF and you have a good deal.

I have base MF and can max MSD’s. With the 2020 GLC300 coming out most of the features carplay, blind spot and bigger screen are now part of the standard package. Dealer said they cannot order anymore 2019s anyway. Unsure if that is true or not.

Where are you located? In Cali the rebates on the GLC350e have made for the best deals on any GLC. Probably the best deals will be the months around the delivery of the 2020’s but apparently that’s winter 2019 so a few months away. The other option is to trawl for loaners/demos. Sounds like you know what you’re doing in terms of base MF and max MSDs, beyond that it’s just down to flexibility and availability.

If you’re in Cali , contact @Calvin.MB. He’s really upfront and transparent and Helpful.

What % discount can you get during end of line clearances?

Got GLC300 4matic quote from Socal Mercedes;
MSRP - $51675
DAS - $2600
MonthlyPayment -$535 including taxes.
What do you think about this deal?