Matching Down Payment

Audi dealership is running a special of matching down payment up to $1000.
I know down payment is normally a no, no. Is this a no brainer tho?

Not sure about specifics of the program but it’s probably not on top of discount. You put $1,000 down and they give you a whopping $1,000 discount on the vehicle of your choice.


If that’s the case where the only discount they give you is the 1k, then they’re not worth shopping at.


It’s on top of the $4000 rebates for the s4 this month.

What state is this in? Would be interested if you could share

What about additional dealer discount? It’s good that there’s 4K rebates for it, but the dealer should discount further, at least 10%

It is just a marketing ploy. The dealer has a set amount of money to make the deal happen. They can give you the 1k discount and call it a day but that isn’t sexy. Now they “match” your downpayment making it seem like free money. The pot of money the dealer has to work with stays the same, just different phrasing.


Michigan, Rochester Hills

Ok I’ll try and aim for that, right now were at 59500 down from 62000

That’s what I was thinking haha

Unless it’s coming from the OEM