Maserati Levante

Maseratti levante

Anyone got the residuals? I’m at a dodge dealer as we speak waiting on an oil change for my truck, and it has the saddest maseratti dealer ever attached to it. So been checking out the ghibli and all the other models. I remember all those crazy good ghibli deals, and the levante is basically a lifted ghibli with a similar price so curious on the numbers.

Completely forgot that mas was even making an SUV! Never seen one in the wild.

No surprise here - it’s an ugly car. BTW, I saw a Bentley SUV on the road a few days ago.

The Bentley is even uglier IMO.

Didn’t see it up close, just from the side/back and from distance.

Super nice interior however. I’ll give it that. Even with some dodge switchgear, still feels “premium” enough. Worth a $1000 lease? Nah. $500-600? Well… maybe.

Even Ferrari is gonna be producing an SUV soon lol

I thought the Bentley SUV looked really nice, but either way it’s so far outside my price range, it wouldn’t matter anyway. :slight_smile:

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How about a model x or model y lol???

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One exists and one doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

The dealer I was at was already advertising the levante at $12k off MSRP without asking anything. I can’t imagine they are selling many of em.

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Is that not the alfa romeo suv? or is only the Gulia Quadrofolgio designed and engineered by Ferrari and Maserati?

This one is:

I do not know the numbers. Here is an ad from Anaheim Hills Maserati

That has an MSRP of $73950 with sale price of $63,755.

So looking at potentially 53-54% residual, and a 0.0001 MF for 10k miles.

Not the worst thing I’ve seen! Could almost be comparable to X5 leases I’d say.

AH has consistently good deals

If we take that ad as a baseline and then give it the LeaseHackr treatment…could end up with a okay deal