Maserati Ghibli Lease Promotion

Hi guys, a while back I was looking at leases for the Maserati ghibli, but i was given terrible offers. Yesterday, I once again went to a dealership near me and was given this quote.

Maserat ghibli SQ4 AWD
MSRP: 85,130
based on lease of 74,000
sales price: 69,900
3,995 down payment
699 per month
5,000 miles per year
tax not included

or no down payment and monthly payment of 850 with tax included

Is this a good deal? im going to talk to someone tomorrow and see if I can get the car for 750-775 per month nothing down and tax included. Its a 2018 so i think i might get a good deal

Did you mention to them that you wanted to be at 1%? :thinking:


No, should I? I don’t really know much about cars/leases

Probably because it looks like they just tried to go to 1% of the msrp.


Like @L2815 said, I was half joking. Seems like all dealers/brokers try to structure their leases to be at 1% to make leasehackrs happy. Don’t mention it, just get as much info as you can before even getting into any exchange.

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Hi, I went back to the dealership and was able to talk them down to 800 per month taxes and fees included 7,500 per year nothing down MSRP 85,130. Should I accept this or try to get to the 750-775 range?

A Couple of years ago people were getting $499 with zero down. I don’t think car has been updated much to justify the ultra high rates you were quoted. $15k off MSRP is a good start, provided you nix the “down payment” aka additional dealer profit. Personally I would offer $65k with $0 down and see how much they budge. For 5k miles per year you should have a decent residual.

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If you feel good about it then why not? But there are folks here that know way more about Maserati lease. Especially @PrettyBoyAJ :grin:


Definietly push for a better discount at least 20K OFF MSRP is good.

15k is a good start though.
You seem like the type to settle easily.
This cars aren’t worth what they are priced IMO.

What does the down payment include?

He’s flown off into the sunset trying to get that car seat in his i8!

How many miles do you need? Don’t try to compare offers that have different mileage allowances or get fewer/more miles than you need

Hi everyone…I just closed the deal. I know I can’t change anything now, but let me know if this is a good deal.

Maserati Ghibli SQ4

MSRP: 86,000
Monthly payments: 800
No Mooney down
7,500 miles per year
8% Tax included in the payment

Lol whats the point of asking everyone for advice if you weren’t going to listen to it anyway? If you want an honest opinion NO its a terrible deal for that car as it is not worth anywhere close to its MSRP. All that matters now is if the Maserati badge is worth $800 a month to you, if so you did fine.


You are technically within 1% rule - so please enjoy your new car!

Thank you!

What is the actual selling price of this car?

i can’t find a deal like this… very good then !
Which dealer ?

The dealer is Maserati of Greenwich/Westport in Connecticut. Originally they quoted me 913 but with a little negation I got it down to around 800. I believe the exact payment is like 818 per month

I believe it was either 69 or 79 thousand

Unfortunately, I believe it was one of the last ones they had for that price. Let me know how it goes!