Maserati Ghibli Georgia

This is what I got at a local dealership in Georgia. Worst deal I have ever seen.

Term: 36 months
Mile: 12k/yr
Min Cash Down: $1,500
TAVT: 7%

MSRP: $88,370
Selling Price: $77,000

Monthly Lease Payment: $1,096.52 (If $4,000 cash down: $1024.51/mon)

Residual is 51%, $45,068

Well the discount is not as good as previous deals. If you get 25% at least it would be a decent deal.

For today this is only the second worst deal. The worst deal is for a 5 series at 800+ a month with 2.5k down lol.

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The residual is 51% (12k) so that is what it is … don’t expect that to change drastically. The only way to make the Maserati’s work is to get the selling price down by about $20k. MF is also not super awesome compared to other brands.

Even with the monthly 1% MSRP as a guide, you are looking at $883 at 10k miles. 1% more on the residual is about +$23 so $906/mo (including tax) is where you want to start and then go down from there … around $700 + tax may be doable for an $88k non-base model Maserati

Remember, the Maserati deals on this forum is the base model (harder to move since it is missing options that people want) so they would discount that more. They can probably give you a better deal on those than a nice $88k MSRP car.

I agree: I find the cassette player and hand crank windows on my 488 Maserati rather annoying :slight_smile:

Not to mention that you have to pull the trunk lid down with your hands!!! Where is the button???


I’ll ask and see what the deal is on a base

Asked the guy the same thing today and this is what I got.

“The Gray with Black Ghibli No, S3543 of 76,725 is $3,000 in MSRP more than the one in the Anaheim ad.

Our discount is $16,926

Cash down $6,982 (Anaheim car would be $4888 plus $2500 “Drive offs” or $7388 PLUS GA TAVT tax)

GA tax and Fees are $5023 or $140/month on the 36 month lease with 5k mi/yr.

Monthly lease payment without tax and fees is $554 ($694 with)”

5k miles is really low. I’ll ask him about 10k miles.

Based on my research in Sept, there are at least 3 dealers in SoCal that will sell for $20k off MSRP. Probably can do even better as that was without any negotiation. And why would anyone make a cap cost reduction aka down payment?

Unfortunately many Maserati dealers have a local monopoly and thus no incentive to offer a competitive price, so you may have to fly to LA if you want a decent deal.

The difference in the deals in S Cal really make shipping a viable option. Driving back across country would be glorious, but it would severely cut into your limited mileage allocation. Being a Maserati fan, it is very fortunate that I live 20 minutes from Anaheim Hills. However, the deals are so good the car is not that exclusive anymore. A day does not go by that I don’t one or two other Ghiblis in my neighborhood.

Absolutely. So the deals you guys are getting in Cali are with no money down? Yea my deal is straight up trash.

All depends on how much shipping is though. In my case, NJ to FL was running mid 900s to 1000+ to ship the car. Even with two hotel nights, flight, gas and mileage (. 25/mile) I’m looking at roughly $500.

Not sure what shipping from lax to atl would be but on a Maserati you’re looking at 30 cents a mile if you drove plus 24ish mpg.

My Ghibli SQ4 had an MSRP of $85k, but I got 20% off.
$2,000 total drive off (including tax, title, license and first month) Cap reduction was actually negative.
$661/mo. (pre tax); $712/mo. (after tax) Plus they paid $1900 towards the end of my prior lease.
However, look into the cost of maintenance and pre-paid maintenance before you make a deal.

Anaheim to Atlanta would be about $1,000 in gas and additional mileage charges. Then you would have to pay one way airfare, and room and food. Shipping the car would be cheaper, but the drive would be heck of a lot of fun in a new Maserati. Go to Disney land while in Anaheim, make a vacation of it…

How many miles per year?

When returning the vehicle I don’t have to go back to Cali do I?

I thought maintanence was included in leases (excluding oil changes,brakes etc)

You can get as many miles a year as you like. Unfortunately the Maserati dealers mostly advertise lowball deals with ridiculously low miles (5000-7500 per year is common) buried in fine print. But you can easily get a quote for 10k miles/year or more - the residual factor will just be lower.
No maintenance is not included in Maserati or most other leases except BMW which throws in an oil change or two.

I was referring to how many miles was on Tommy’s vehicle. I know oil changes and brakes/tires on me but I figured other maintanence was on the dealer. One of the ideas why I like leases. If anything messes up it’s on Dealer not me. Especially since maintanence is so expensive on foreign cars.

7.5k, but that is all I need as I have a Yukon Denali for grunt miles.

At 7.5k, residual was 53%. At 12k it would have been 51%, same as your deal.
So, if I wanted 12k it would have been $716/mo or $768 after taxes.

The pre-paid maintenance is expensive. It is just an oil change, a filter change and a check up, but they want something like $1,000 for it and the next year is even more expensive. Crazy. I was kinda ambushed by it while in financing. They offered prepaid maintenance for $1400. It used to be $1000, but it has apparently gotten more expensive. I agreed to add it to the deal, so it jacked up my monthly payment another $40. It seemed awfully expensive, but I agreed to pay it for peace of mind. My expenses are now fixed. However, I would have like to have know about the maintenance situation going into the negotiation. I probably could have made a better deal.

Went to the Maserati dealership yesterday. I wasn’t really impressed by the Ghibli S or the Quatroporte S. Currently I drive a Challenger R/T and I felt like my Challenger had more power. Maseratis both had twin turbo which isn’t impressive to me at all. I probably would want the GTS with the V8 but damn that price tag was 150k.

The Challenger has great power and great exhaust sound - enjoyed driving a rental when my car was in the shop.

But that’s where the similarities end. The Maserati is in another league…for god’s sake it’s Italian!!

Well the dash is almost identical on the two cars. Same infotainment system. Same Air conditioning controls.

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