Maserati Ghibli deal

So I’m currently in the market (SoCal Zip 90011)for a Ghibli. I have been shopping around and it seems like I’m stumped at trying to get a better selling price and payment. So far this has been the best quote I have gotten. What do you guys think?
Msrp- 73,775
Selling price-60,300
Residual- 12k miles 51%

Based on tier 1 credit (auto score over 730 & above)

Drive-off: $2,139.00

10k miles @ 36 months

Monthly: $637.05+tax

Drive-off: $2,205.05

12k miles @ 36 months

Monthly: $657.94+tax

With 0 drive-off

10k miles @ 36 months

Monthly: $698.55 + tax

12k miles @ 36 months

Monthly: $718.84 + tax


What dealer is this from?

There is a lot of Ghibli information on this forum. You are about $4.5k away from the best selling price. If the dealer can’t discount it further, you just have to wait.

Most of the leases are for 5k miles and 10k miles (except for @Phantomcypher 12k miles) so the residual is 51% for 12k (+1% from 10k which is another $737).

So the $5,237 ($4500 + 737) / 36 = $145/mo. Taking that from $637 - $145 = $492/mo + tax

The drive off is correct, it is approx $2,500.

This quote is from Rusnak Maserati of Pasadena

Yeah I have searched around the forum just wanted to get an idea of the numbers I have been getting.
There’s only one dealer left (Maserati of Beverly Hills)that may be willing to do a better selling price yet they don’t want to do it over emails.

So the only way to get close to the great Maserati deals is to try to get another 4.5k off from the selling price…
maybe I should try at Maserati of Beverly Hills to see what I can get from them

Thank you so much! We’ll update numbers if I’m able to get something better

Just remember, if the dealers don’t want to play ball and offer selling prices that are in the neighborhood of what you’re looking for, just walk away (even temporarily). Say something along the lines of “I’m looking for an exceptional price on the vehicle, and I have examples of others getting similar prices. I’m ready to sign paperwork today if you can make these numbers work.” If they can’t, tell them that you’ll work with another dealer or check back later.

Many of the deals on these forums are based on the perfect timing with dealers ready to offer their absolute best price. Expect resistance from them - every dollar discount you’re getting on the selling price comes directly out of their profit! Your goal is to offer them a guaranteed sale (lease) for minimal effort in return for the deep discount. If they aren’t hungry for that sale at the moment, you’ll have less luck. Be patient! Hope that helps.

So far this is what i have brought it down to, this is from Maserati of Beverly Hills
Still trying to get a better selling price, but what do you guys think of this quote?
of course they are saying that this the best that they can do…

selling price- 58,888
residual-52%, 10k miles
payment-663 including tax

The numbers look right for the payment. Pre-tax you are at $608. That is about $4,320 ($120 x 36) from the $488 (phantom has 12k miles, I have 10k) which was where my selling price was

$58,888 - 4,320 = $54,560

So the numbers add up but my deal works better due to the more discount on the selling price. Don’t ask me how they got there, it was ad on Facebook last year by Maserati of Anaheim hills. The date was the 2016 USC/Cal game on a Thursday night

Hi, I am hunting also! Seeing similar SoCal deals from OC Maserati and Van Nuys Mas. I am pushing to get 17-18k off MSRP on a lease. I am being told that’s doable on purchase but not a lease. I plan to keep working it and will keep you posted.

THE best I brought it down to was 58k selling price just drive offs at about 1,800 and payment was 630 for 36 months 10k miles

These numbers were for last month and now they don’t even want to match that
Still working on trying to get a better deal

think twice before going with the ghibli

I’ve seen better advertized offers, on one with an msrp of 80k with 10k miles. About 590 0 down when you role in the down payment.

I have been linked to that video way too many times. That bozo is totally over the top and most of what he is saying is no longer relevant. First, he keeps emphasizing this is an $80,000 car, but as you can see, it really is not. People are regularly paying $58,000 to $60,000 for this car. Also, that video concerns the 2014, the first year this car was released, and the people in this thread are dealing for the 2017, which is much improved. For example, all of the features he cites as being unavailable are now available, and the Uconnect he trashes has been replaced with a Maserati specific infotainment system with an iDrive like center column wheel.

I’ll be looking for a deal in late summer / early fall. I am looking at the Giulia Ti or the Ghibli. Right now, the lease deals seem to be with the Ghibli.

It’s an Italian mid range lucury sports sedan. You lease her for her looks not for her brains lol

What did he expect? IBM watson as the infotainment? Toyota reliability with Ferrari performance? Hyundai pricing and maybach luxury?

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Hilarious! 20 characters

I would never recommend the 2014 Ghibli!

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