Maserati discount- JP Morgan Chase

Hi everyone,

I just stumbled upon this which may be useful for those looking for a Maserati. Looks like a 7-13% MSRP discount for being a JP Morgan Chase customer. Could help those looking for a good lease.

But you can get like 30% off normally. Is this on top of that or instead of?

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I tried that with few dealers and they said instead :slight_smile: they were not willing to apply on top, despite wording says that it is on top of existing incentives.

Btw, where you can get normally 30% off Ghibli? MaximumI was able to get is 20%

I think it is more like, it has been possible to get 30% off, but it is not always the case. Certainly seems possible when the new model year comes out and they have the previous year leftovers.

I’d love to pull that last minute before signing the contract switcharoo. “Opps did I forget to mention I qualify for the additional JP Morgan incentive? Silly me…let’s knock off that pesky 7% from what we’ve already discussed”. One can wish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I tried to post this before - it seems like it’s not a very good offer.

Good find! I think I may try it. I’m in Georgia though. May have to wait until January when the new tax laws are in place.

I got same email. Seems like a fantastic deal if the 7% is on top of existing offers, but sounds unlikely.
If everything stacked, you can even land a good deal across country, have it ship, and still come out doing very well

Yes, the language says it can be used in conjunction with other incentives not necessarily on top of any discount you negotiate separately. In almost every circumstance, you can negotiate better discounts yourself along with current incentives than what the 7% the Chase offer gets you.