Maserati Collection from Ermenegildo Zegna

$1,995 seems reasonable for sweat pants.

Complete collection:



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How many did you manage to fit in your trunk?


Priced just like the car!


Does the exhaust sound as good as their cars?


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Was literally about to post the exact same thing. Well played.

I wonder if we can lease it when it goes on sale for 40% off msrp

Sure, but you’ll have to carry a pair of gym shorts for when they break down.

Nothing worst then a weak crotch area stitch on your Maserati.

Man, what a great deal. I’d so buy these if only they came in Spring Green.

@mp11477 Why close the thread on watches and claim off-ramp is for cars while there’s comments on here on a post about sweatpants?

Yes, I’m little salty about the other one being closed since I was enjoying the discussion ha

While I see your point, this one is related to Maserati branded clothing, which is a car manufacturer. It’s on the fringe, for sure, but at least somewhat related to a vehicle.

You mentioned this already but man that’s reallllllyyyyyyyy pushing it. Let me take a play out of your book - the other thread could theoretically have evolved into talking about Porsche design watches, so technically still related to cars?

Anyways, point being, the hammer should strike equally or not at all.

Happy now?

Theoretically it could’ve. That said, it didn’t, nor did it start out that way. Personally, I think this is being petty, but your wish is granted.

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