Maryland: 2019 Volvo XC60 Lease

This is in MD, where we pay 6% tax on the full sales price.

2019 Volvo XC60 T6 Inscription
MSRP $61,405
Sale Price $52,965
13.75% Discount
10k/36 Month Lease
58% Residual, MF of .00075
$685 per month, with only first payment due at signing.

Any thoughts? This seems to be the best rate I can get in MD/VA/PA

New? Don’t know what incentives they gave you, but there is $2,000 on T6 in NE (PA/NJ) vs. $750+$500 tax season in MD. There may be also $1,500 dealer’s cash here. Do MSDs if you can, will save you almost $50/mo

Yes, it is new. Right now I am at a $8,400 discount. I do not know what incentives or cash are part of that. I know there is a $2500 lease bonus on Momentum’s, not sure about Inscription. If that’s true, I am getting 9.6% off before incentives. Where could I find the details on incentives?

Ask the dealer for the breakdown: sales price before incentives + all incentives. Volvo stopped showing all available customer incentives on their site in mid-Atlantic, at least. For example, they only list $500 loyalty on S60, but there is also $1,250 S60 loyalty bonus and $1,500 dealer cash.

I was able to get the following off Edmunds:

.00075 MF and 57% residual

Total Cash of $3250 includes:
$500 SR Tax Day Bonus exp. 04/30/2019
$2000 VCFS Lease Bonus - SR exp. 04/30/2019
$750 Volvo Allowance exp. 04/30/2019

Which means I am getting $5,190 or 8.45% off MSRP, and then $3,250 of incentives. Should I be shooting for more?

Yeah, I’d try for more, 10-11%. Is it for mid-Atlantic? Because they are regional.

Yes, its Mid-Atlantic.

Thanks for your help.

Do these incentives also apply to T5’s?

I just got 15% off T6 inscription in MD with MSRP of 55340. I will PM you the dealer information ask him if he can get you 15% off.

May be different. Last month T5 had $1,500 and T6 did not.
@Amaraey - you got 15% off with incentives (i.e. ~9% off + $3,250)

Yes with incentives. MD is a very tough state to find Excellent deals and we pay taxes on the full sales price.

I refer hackrs to @okboye from Annapolis. A few got decent deals from him. Taxes have nothing to do with the deal quality you get from a dealer. Tax is a tax and MD or VA leases will not be as good as from other states.
@Amaraey - you are apparently already working with them I think, so good luck.

Yes, I got the deal through him. Didn’t know before that he is on Leasehackr. Highly recommend him as well. He took extra step and delivered the vehicle to Silver Spring without me going ever to Annapolis.

He never offered to deliver for me :grin:

Probably because you didn’t ask😁.

Yeah, I didn’t mind a day trip to Annapolis on the weekend.

Any updates on this? I am in MD and looking for a T6 XC60 too. It would be great to know the target % off before incentives. Thanks!

I was able to get 14.7% off with incentives. They would not have gone any lower. This is with base money factor.

Did you sign? There is $2,500 more on T6 this month.

Yes. Too late