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My lease on 2019 Equinox LT is up in a couple of months and I am looking for a 3 row SUV this time. I may rarely use the 3rd row seat for my 2 kids (7 & 2 years). So, I am good with small 3 row SUVs. I am considering Sorento. I read elsewhere that the Market Days Supply will be a factor to consider when it comes to negotiation. I got to know that it is derived by dividing your currently available supply of inventory by your average daily retail sales rate over the past 45 days. But, where can I get the ‚ÄėAvailable supply of Inventory‚Äô and ‚ÄėAverage daily retail sales rate‚Äô? Is there any site that I can get these info or any other work around to get to these numbers? Thanks!

You can’t. And market days supply has nothing to do with what kind of deal you get. Dealerships can only go as far as their programs and loss tolerance allows them to.

Instead of overcomplicating the process just look for recent deals on this forum and develop a reasonable expectation as to what you are trying to obtain. From there contact dealers or brokers and buy a car.


An an example, someone was asking F-150s (yesterday?) and noted that there are 55k (thousand!) F-150s available nationwide. Should make for a deal right? But Ford sells 180k a month… as @ethanrs said, no bearing whatsoever.

Good luck in the hunt!

More like 75K a month but your broader point still stands.