🛻 MARCH TOYOTA! All states! DEALERS NATIONWIDE! Deals below invoice! Tacos $235 TUNDRA from $375! $5700 off!

Toyota.com should be able to tell you. I just get you awesome pricing. You have to decide on your trim and features


Minimum trim for vented seats is Platinum. I have the Limited (thanks again Jim!!!), and the seats are heated only.


Figured this out but thank you for confirmation, your truck is gorg.

I have some further discounted vehicles as the dealer is blowing some out for end of year!!

Please send me pricing for Highlander xle 36/10 zip 11691. Thanks.

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Please read my first post. My contact info is there

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We’re down to $227/mo on the 45k Tundra crewmax sr5! Some at that price have the sx package also including black wheels. 24/10 lease

Thanks sending text now.

Any numbers on the RAV4 Adventure? Guessing they aren’t good if they aren’t included in the spreadsheet. Thanks in advance!

I had them last month for around $375 tax tags inc depending on your state. I might have a couple 19s left. Text me for a quote

Could be residuals suck on Pros but either way, they sell near MSRP so they don’t need to move them with leases. Buying is best bet and sell in 2 years and pricing won’t drop much, but finding a buyer in that price range will be tough.

But when a dealer leases aren’t they just selling the car to the bank? If the “lease sale price” is the same as msrp, what is the difference?

Pros rarely get discounted and don’t see the rate discounts and rebates that other Tundra’s and Tacos see

Occasionally we see some super blowouts of Pros on the hackr. A few months ago there were a handful of them at :crazy_face: prices

I’m getting a ton of tundras in over the next couple weeks. These can reserved before they get to the dealership with deposit. 24/10 will be around $300/mo tax tags fees inc for most states if you pick them up. Usbank has the best rates and they require you to sign in person. You can ship them after you sign at the dealership if you want. Or you can go through ally bank and ship them. The dealer knocked off another $500 off these so the pricing has been insanely low this week.

In Bound Crew Tundra

White SX
Grey 5x one with TRD Wheels
Black SX 2x

Off Road

Cement 2x


White 2x
Grey 4x
Black 2x
Red 2x
Calvary Blue

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Is the $220 inc tax Tacoma SR double cab still available?

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Yes it is. I have white and red in stock. May be able to get other colors

Waiting for everything to finish up with my car getting paid out from being totaled and ill be in touch for a base tacoma.

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Dose the Trd sport or off-road contain any packages ? (Nav, leather, etc) or are they the base models? Either way I’m in NYC and wife wants a cement Tacoma, off road or Trd sport. Current lease ends January 22 2019 but can buy this month.

That pricing is for the base model with winter mats. Msrp is listed

Texted you earlier and I’m sure your working on some good numbers for me. Side question tho while I’m thinking about it and I don’t want to text you this late.

Ally lease on Tacoma. What’s the per mile cost overages?