Hello everyone my name is Mike, Owner of Advanced Auto Brokers.

Advanced Auto Brokers specializes in finding the vehicle you want and making sure the vehicle meets customers priority budget. When we provide a vehicle to our customer, we are looking to build a long-term relationship and continued business. Our goal is to make the leasing or purchasing process headache and hassle free. Feel free to review our Review page Advanced Auto Brokers- Auto Broker- Los Angeles

Please text or call us @ (747)777-6002 with any questions!

Below is a list of things we need in order to begin process:

  • Make and Model of vehicle
  • Trim/ Package of preference
  • Color/colors of choice
  • Lease: lease term and miles per year of choice
  • Finance: term (in months) of purchase
  • Residence zip code where vehicle will be registered

Our quotes will contain a full breakdown of down payment, monthly payment, and any discounts received. If by chance another dealer has provided you with a quote, please provide us with that quote and our office will beat the price!! (Quote must be in writing)

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That’s a bit vague, do you have specific models you are ‘really good for’ or just saying you can get everything?

We do work with all makes, but there are certain makes we sell more and have updates on more frequently like Kia, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai and Volkswagen. What Make and model were you interested in?

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I am looking for Kia, but not until the beginning of next year.

I was asking as ‘We do all’ doesn’t really do you justice as a Broker, vs We are the best Kia broker around, means that the broker has a special Kia relationship and can get me (the buyer) the best price.


Understood and agreed, we do have a special working relationship with Kia, so we will be glad to help you with your vehicle. If you are looking into purchasing/leasing at beginning of year the best time to start looking would be end of December due to vehicle shortages we have now. If you would like please leave your information in a private message and we will gladly find you a vehicle when your ready.

Post sample deals like the other brokers.


Welcome to LH and don’t mind the tough crowd.


Hey thanks IAC, its a pleasure buddy!! Its ok lol, feedback is a well appreciated portion of our business.

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Yes yes of course. Constructive feedback helps us market and best advocate for our clients.

Learn the forum and figure out how to best showcase the inventory available to you.


2022 Volkswagen Tiguan S
MSRP: $28,385
Exterior Color: Gray
Interior Color: Gray
Lease Term: 36 months
Mileage: 10,000 miles per year
Down Payment: $2,000
Payment: $422 + tax (tax depends upon city of residency)
(Payment is calculated according to a Tier 1 credit score)

You will probably get asked this question, so here it goes - Is the down payment cap cost reduction? If yes, then what is the amount due at signing?


The down payment we have listed is capitalized cost reduction, it includes the first month’s payment and all fees.

Can you post a breakdown of the capitalized cost reduction amount and the fees?

Another suggestion, because I find it SO handy as I peruse the broker listings…include a LH Calculator link with any deal you present. It’s a invaluable tool, so leverage it! Welcome!


I completely ignore posts that don’t list the % discount or have a calculator. Also anything higher than 3K DAS is a red flag.


So it’s not a cap cost reduction then, but rather a total drive off?

Yes total due at signing!!

Anything for VW ID.4?

Lease or Purchase? Please text us at 747-777-6002 for more details and inventory.

2023 Kia Niro EX Touring- OCTOBER 15 ONE DAY SPECIAL

$2000 Due at Signing
48 month lease
10,000 miles a year
$490 + tax
(2 available at this price)
Message or text us for more details 747-777-6002