MARCH Kia Inventory deals northeast or nationwide shipping FORTE and SOUL msrp lease for 350 sorento hybrid msrp!

Scroll to the last few posts for updated inventory. It changes fast

6/30 Have a blue ev6 wind awd at msrp… $1000 fee.

Lease or purchase deals kia inventory listed below. 500 fee or 650 ev/hybrids. Unless posted otherwise here.

Deals are all priced differently. From msrp to 5k over so just message for out the door price.



Soul and forte lease in the low 300s.


I have a black and white awd ev6 wind with tech due in early July for $2700 over msrp. $500 fee

Gt line is $4k markup. 500 fee

Text if interested. $175 doc fee on both plus tax tags

Carnivals and tellurides


Can you ship to out of state or must be local?

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Out of state is fine

Coworker may be interested. I’ll pass the info on and get back to you


I don’t know anything about these but I called a few dealers and they all want 5-15k over msrp. So this seems like a great deal to me! Should go super fast


what trim? Wind AWD?

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Both are wind awd. White has tech


Calculator link?

what do you want calculated? This is an in-demand EV at MSRP. No special leasing programs nor incentives. It is what it is.


No sorry. I don’t have that info, just a one off deal I’m doing. I would be ok with buying if you don’t like the lease numbers. This dealer doesn’t mark up so should be whatever you find on edmunds for residuals etc

Finance it or buy it - and if u don’t have the tax liability for $7500 credit, you shouldn’t be buying a 53k car (less ur accountant is really good and you have a business, then section 179 something heavier).

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Just when I was wondering why our brokers weren’t getting these types of MSRP offers on high demand EV’s I stumble upon this @Jrouleau42 keep them coming.
All dealers in GA are marking up EV6’s

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Pretty sure hybrids and evs are rare at msrp now. The value of brokers these days seem more inventory related then price related. All my toyota hybrids are over msrp now except some for in state buyers. Things do not seem to be getting better anytime soon unfortunately


That’s a great deal to get at MSRP but I can’t figure out if I like the design yet. Bet it goes quick!

White is SOLD. Red still available

Yeah. I posted before, maybe even with pictures. I think the dealer had 5 at $7K over. They have 2 now, and both are RWD.

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I have 6 more ev6 wind awd available!

Blue white black red all around 52-54k msrp!

Pick up in the northeast or ship nationwide


Any insights on additional costs and shipping cost to SoCal?

Prob like 2k to ship.

Gm Jim,
I’m interested in ev6 blue or red.
36/12k zip 11714
Thank you

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