🔥 March Jeep Deals (CDJR) - IN STOCK WRANGLER 4xes - Payments in the $300s! GC Group Buy ACTIVE!

Off the topic . How do you like Purdue getting knocked out LOL

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I haven’t been active on here for over a year and the day I start looking for a GC lease I see a group buy! Sounds like fun.

Love to hear the details!

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Yolo! Depending on the deal I might be in for a group buy (lease) lets do it!

Don’t even know what it is, but I’m in!

might be in also, (depending on the final deal)

I’m in for sure.

Please add me in as well.


Any update on this ?? In for one !

Interested in this as well!

I’m in, thanks!

Interested in GC-L

@AutoNinjas are you going to push out the close date on this for the late start? Lots of eager parties.


I am in as well. Thanks

Sign me up!

Put me in coach…I’m interested

In for 1, same price for MA?

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I’d be interested in the GC L

With the weekend coming to an end, is this a no go? @AutoNinjas

I don’t think these guys work on Sunday. Give them some time to process.

Wow - signed off for one day and wow!

Yes, we’re going to be running the sale this week. We figured that if we did it over the weekend and didn’t get to people on Sunday there would be chaos (though unwarranted). So we’re going to do it this week! Love the enthusiasm LFG