March 2019 Acura MDX AWD Base - $393 + tax (First month, taxes and driveoffs DAS), Other Trims Available [NY/NJ/PA - NO FEE]

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Or just feel free to call or text me at 732-779-2587

Hey, I currently have an MDX with my lease expiring in April, with only one payment left. I am looking to get another MDX, either the Tech package or A Spec, AWD 36/10k. Can you please provide me with some quotes, Max 1400 I can do at signing.


Sent you a PM.

Hey is this still available?

yes it is. please shoot me a pm of what you’re looking for and where you’re registering.


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Thank you so much! It was great to meet you, too.

Admins, to not have this sitting in the forum, can you please move to my MDX thread?? Thanks very much.


Thank you for the kind words! Thanks to forum members, we have emptied out my dealers MDX inventory this month…


Do you think you will have this deal going until April or beginning of May have a family member with a 16 MDX Tech lease that ends beginning of May.

No but there is pull ahead

Thanks so much!

Is this deal still available in March?

No, it’s going to be a few bucks higher.

Thanks I’ll let them know. I think they extended it 12 months originally because they were over mileage would pull ahead still work? Also if they are still over mileage I know Acura forgives half the mileage but do they pay that upfront or they get a bill after returning the vehicle?

You can’t extend 12 months, i don’t think.

They will get a bill for the over mileage separately, but acura forgives half, you are right. And up to 1500 wear and tear.

Checked and they were able to extend it 12 months. Can they break that extension and give it back end of this month after scheduling the return inspection and do your deal or they still are on the hook for 2 months of payments? I’ll have them contact Honda Financial next if you don’t know offhand.

I believe so, especially since they’re staying w/ the same brand, but definitely worth a call to financial 100%.

I was shopping here in Illinois and I was offered 499 a month on a base awd. 47,xxx mdx.

1000 down
499 a month
12 k 36 month
Taxes included
No conquest or loyalty because I don’t apply to them.
Is this a good deal?

During the extension you can return the car at any time.

Edmunds says for my zip code 19044

Total Cash of $6250 includes:
$650 Dealer Lease Finance Offer
$5600 Captive Lease Offer
Do these apply to your prices or were they calc’d in already?