Manufacture demo/display car?

This is not for leasing, but I just noticed several Alfa Romeo Giulia QF being put up for sale in the used market. Upon closer inspection, it looks like they were either testers or simply display vehicles. I probably wouldn’t go for the magazine testers, but what about display/demo vehicles. SOme of them have such low miles that you know they weren’t using it for drives.

I would suspect maybe car show vehicles, or promo golf matches, or something along those lines. I leased a car once that had 168 miles…they used it for golf promo events.

i was told i cannot lease a used/certified alfa romeo. is that true?

Probably can’t lease through the captive.

May be a risk leasing a QV used as a demo though. Risky enough buying one new.

At the low to mid 50s range on a car with less than 10k, I would be lying to say I am not tempted.