Manheim or Adesa car auction price info

Manheim or Adesa Request for a MMR / used car auction price for the following

Make: Lexus
Model: LS 460 awd or sport or rwd
Year: 2015-16
Mileage: <40K
Location: any but NY/NJ/FL
Condition: 4+

15 LS460 AWD
40k Miles
MMR 32900

16 LS460 AWD
40k Miles
MMR 37000

Thank you that was uber fast!

legendsauto can you look once more

Make: AUDI
Year: 2016
Mileage: under 30K
Location: any
Condition: 4+

Make: Toyota
Model: Avalon Limited and XLE Premium
Year: 2018
Mileage: under 15K
Location: any
Condition: 4+

PMd you 202020

I PMed you

Can someone also please help me look up recent sold car info for the following?

Make: Acura
Model: MDX tech or adv pkg
Year: 2008-2013
Mileage: <80k
Location: CA
Condition: 4+

Thank you!

If anyone can PM the results for vin# 5UXKR0C5XG0P22199… wondering what it went for… thanks.

I am trying to buy a car (personal use) through a auction would someone be able to help me.
I am looking for a

Tesla Model X
Mercedes benz gls
Range rover

year 2018-2019. has to have less then 20k miles. Willing to pay if needed. please help

Mannheim results are reserved for individuals with paid access to them and it is auction policy to ban or fine users who break their terms of service. Requests for auction results have not been satisfied in a long time for this reason.