Man gets 2-year new car subscription after driving 1 million miles in his Volvo

Really cool and interesting to see that some companies still remain loyal to their customers. I know Toyota had a similar event for either the Tundra/Tacoma. Always great to see old machines/technology still running on the roads, they sure don’t build em’ like they used to anymore.

Man gets new car after driving 1 million miles in his Volvo


I’m almost certain that the dealership paid for the subscription? Overallowed the trade for the cost of the subscription, and took his car in on trade. That’s my best guess. I don’t think Volvo Cars NA was involved, but I could ofc be wrong.

It most certainly had to have been the same dealership, unless somehow Volvo NA was involved perhaps for PR purposes. Don’t know if they took it in as a trade perhaps a straight purchase and paid the two-year subscription out of their own pockets. Regardless still pretty interesting to see that the same dealer 30 years later was able to help him out.

If I was a dealer I would over pay for cars with 1m miles just to put in my showroom for buyer confidence and a sales person Ice breaker.

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That’s an easy marketing expense.