Making forum easier to navigate: Find A Deal

@brokers and @dealers,

Re price tags, we added #any to the price tag group and have manually applied the tag to all active Marketplace threads. The next time you create a new thread, be sure to tag #any in addition to the pricing tier your thread belongs to (#0-199, #200s, #300s, #400-600, #600-plus). If you do not tag your thread under #any, it won’t show up in the Find A Deal result if the user searches for #any price, which is set to be default now.

Also added a quick link to the Marketplace category within the Find A Deal toolbar to enhance the visibility of Marketplace for new users.


I noticed there was a change in the sorting method in the Seller Reviews section where it defaults to “Top” instead of most recent post. Is there a reason for this and is there a way to change it back?

Wow I was only away from the forum for a few weeks and it has changed so much! That’ll teach me to get busy. :laughing:

So when I click on Go to Marketplace link, and then click on California, I see a few “Sponsors” on the top. How exactly does one become a Sponsor? Is that different than the dealer fee we’re charged and the recurring donation I make every month?

And does anyone know why there’s SO many more BMW tags on this forum than any other brand? Holy cow. Seriously, it’s bad enough I’m in one of the most concentrated markets, why all y’all wanna sell BMW’s here too! :man_facepalming:t3:

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Dave, I sent you a text catching you up to speed.

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Welcome back! Yes we are putting a lot of effort in making this a more resourceful community.

Check out our sponsorship option in our new Business Lounge category exclusive to businesses.


We are renaming the previous #any tag to #marketplace and make this tag mandatory for all new Marketplace posts as we saw many businesses did not include this tag in their Marketplace posts. This would hopefully reduce confusion and ensure that Marketplace posts show up in Find A Deal.

No action is required for current Marketplace posts if your posts were properly tagged under #any.

Thank you!