Make this X5 lease make sense

I’m moving out of NYC to GA and need a car for my family asap.

This will be our first car in a decade. I’m rusty at this and the market is wildly different right now than I remember it being.

After test driving, QX60 and X5 made it to the top of the list but as you know inventory and incentives are scarce.

As a last resort, I built an X5 and lease it when I get to Georgia.

msrp: $66700
+Destination: $68595
Doc fee: 699
ETR: $160
Acquisition fee $925
Georgia tax: $2305
Title, tag: $50
(Residual for a similar car 31% but couldn’t give it for this build specifically)

12K miles, 36 month $4K down
$1178/ month

Would you just finance at this point?
Consider another car all together?

Powerful, luxury, modern, turbo, sporty, safe
GV80, Acura S w/ turbo, QX60, rx350

You will need a LOT more forum read time than 12 minutes to make sense of this lease. Have you searched Marketplace to see what is offered in your area? I’d start there.


sDrive or xDrive? Looks like a deal we can beat.


If these were legit numbers, yes. You’re paying 68% of the total cost to drive it 3 years.

What type of fire arm were they holding when you received this ransom note?


Hk MP5 is standard issue for BMW stores duh :relieved:


Appreciate it. Hard to tell from the photo

Yea, you should finance something else because the X5 lease will never make sense under current programs.

Acura MDX, Lexus RX, GV80.

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~$1,200/mo WITH $4,000 down?? You’ll never make sense of this deal.

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UMP45 here.

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We’re looking for the xdrive

I hear you- trust me, I created an account after hours of stalking and learning how to navigate here.

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Hahahah. Man this was the best comment I have ever seen. This was just over text and they are heavily promoting being “at MSRP” but the money factor is getting us anyway sooo. They are making bank regardless

Thank you! I needed to make sure I’m not missing something.

I would finance this (or owner’s choice if you can write down) vs lease.

Me to a different dealer:
“Hi- I am. I would like to see a lease quote for my build. We have one quote but the lease factor is too high and want to see if Vista can get us closer to the mark”

Them:“What is the mark where you willing to sign at?”

This is my DRAFT
MSRP: $68595
32 months, 12K miles
$876/ month
We do $0 down roll tht into the payments -->$996.
Credit is over 720, should be fine to DO

I know this is still high but I would say considerable in this market

Where did you come up with those numbers? Do they reflect current deals that are occurring in marketplace? There’s a lot of info missing there

I’m hunting for a GV80 right now

Worse: those often have market adjustment upward.

I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a 32 month lease, did you mean 36? Make sure you know what every number should be before “asking for numbers” or better yet, once you know the numbers to an achievable deal, you can make an offer first and re-frame the negotiations.

We have an Atlanta BMW salesperson on here, perhaps they can help…admittedly I can’t remember who it is though someone here shortly will know.

Why is that your target? In other words, why would you pay $36k to rent a moderately equipped X5?

You would have paid off a loaded MDX or GV80 in less than two of these X5 leases.

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