Make a deal (deposit?) months prior to start of lease?

My current lease is up in April. Not looking to stick with the brand (JLR), so unfortunately I cant turn it in early without penalty.

Since good deals dont last long, I was wondering if its possible to jump on a deal for a lease to hold it until my current car can be turned in?

Or am I just going to have to stick it out until ten?

Thanks for looking

You could probably do a factory order on a car that would take about that long for delivery, but other than that, no.

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Not going to work, there’s always deals, just start looking a month or two out

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Figured as much, but wanted to ask anyways…


You can sell your current car, to the dealer or Carmax/Vroom whatever as well. Depending on the mileage and condition, you may be in the hole a few grand, maybe not, but you could roll that into a new lease if it was that good.

Doubtful with a JLR product

Dare to dream :sweat_smile: