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Hello everyone.
Is it wise to get the maintenance package at $799 for my lease on 10k/36 ? Or just pay out of pocket. What involved in the service visits for the 3 years Ill have the vehicle?

What model?

If you’re referencing UC + that covers brakes which can be extremely pricey, if needed, on certain models.

X4 30i. Yes it covers brakes and rotors

A brake job is definitely more than that for these cars so it’s really about how you drive and if you think you’ll be doing brakes before the lease is up which many people end of doing.


Got it. It’s the wife’s car and she barely drives let along drive fast.

Trying not to hijack OPs thread but what about X3? Do I need to worry about brakes for 30k mi lease?

I think everyone should be aware that you may need a brake job in a 30K mile period with any of these german/european cars.

A lot of it depends on driving style and commute.


Yup, the base maintenance package is usually worth it. I went through the rear pads/rotors on a X3 M40i in 25k miles.

Thanks for the responses.

Hard pass. I doubt your wife’s car will need pads, let alone rotors based on your description of her driving style.

That’s my exact thoughts

I cannot speak for BMW but I previously leased a VW CC, 1 Audi A4, and currently have another A4, and MB GLC 350e. I drove the CC for 50k miles before returning it and didn’t need to change brakes. Audi still had 7mm brake left at 36k before returning. Currently GLC has 9mm left at 20k mile. I think I drive pretty hard but I don’t have any idea how it compares to other people.

Thanks for your feedback. I will opt out of this package

I guess our '17 X5 has outstanding pads. Original pads on and just hit 75k. Serviced yesterday and service stating still at 7-8 and no need to change. Have UC+ until 100k, so hoping they magically burn out in the next 24k!

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Same with our ‘17 X5 — 56.5k miles and no brake service required yet.

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