Maintenance due at 36 months

hi all,
i was just curious on maintenance at 36 months. if i lease a car for 36 months and turn in the car two days or a week before the due date, will the dealer still hold me responsible for the 36 month maintenance?

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What car are you talking about, and what maintenance are you referring to? Generally speaking though, no.

hi mp,
basically, any kind of car that doesn’t include a maintenance plan. we, as lessees, are responsible for all required maintenance, correct? just wondering since the 36 month mark will usually require more things to be done.

thank you!

That’s the beauty of leasing. Do your oil changes, make sure your tires have enough tread on them at the end, and you’re done. Change out the air filter every 12k for optimal fuel economy and wiper blades is really all you should be concerned with. You won’t have to do the $750 36 month maintenance.

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thanks mp!
that’s what i thought but just wanted to make sure the dealer won’t bill me for not taking care of the major 36 month service. thanks for your insight into this.

How many miles do you have? Maintenance schedules are typically miles and/or time, whichever come first.

or in some cars the interval adapts based on your driving style

thanks all,
i’ll probably be only using 25k miles out of the 30k allowance. i’m more worried about the 36 month that i will be hitting.

Don’t be. Sleep easy.

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thanks all!:grinning:

So true. I had a PHEV lease where I had 0 maintenance required because the instruction was to wait for the maintenance light to come on to signal an oil change and it never did in 20k miles. Most likely because only 2000 of those miles were using the ICE, the rest were on electric.

Regardless of a maintenance light, that’s a lot of time for dino oil in the crankcase. Feel bad for the new owner :slight_smile:

I feel worse for the lease company who took back a vehicle where the buyout was $20.5k and turned around and sold it at auction for $12.9k. Ouch.