Maintenance - do you go by the book or do the minimum?

Curious what maintenance you guys do. Do you follow the maintenance schedule or do the minimum…AKA oil changes and tire rotations?

I took in my '18 Q50 for its second oil change (10k mile interval…crazy) and was told I needed new brake fluid, cabin and engine filter. I declined all three. I only did the minimum during my previous lease ('15 Q50) and never had issues. Now that I don’t plan on leasing from Infiniti again, I wonder if I could get dinged for it at turn-in.

Highly unlikely. We never did anything but oil changes on our leases. Maybe tires if the car really needed it.

The maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual is all that’s required to preserve the car’s warranty. If you’re planning to keep the car forever you might want to do a bit more. Otherwise you’re throwing money away.

I’ve only ever done oil changes never had an issue.

Some of us have turned in a vehicle at lease end with never having changed the oil.

[It was a plug in hybrid that reached over 200mpg while I had it because of logistics - always on electric. 24 month lease. I was told to change the oil when the oil minder light came on. It never did.]