M550 calc differences


I can’t quite get my calc to match up, can some assist, and let me know if they think there is any room?

It’s a custom build 10% off msrp pre incentive. Base mf and residual.

Appreciate any help! Thanks!

My calc.

Are you sure residual isn’t 58% instead of 59%. Typing in 58% into the Calc gets you at 872. Confirm with Edmunds regarding the residual. I could be wrong though as it says 59% as it says in the lease worksheet above.

Taxes most likely.

Their sheet appears to have $2,775 in up front taxes included in the cap cost and no taxes on the monthly payment. Your calculator has 7% tax on monthly payment and no up front taxes, and the fees don’t match up.

Adjusted for this I get it within a few dollars although still not exact:

LH Calculator - M550

Taxes in illlinois are based on monthly, I cannot figure out why they would capitalize them in the lease.

They also have changed the DAS when I pressed what was included.

Depending on your zip you could be missing usage tax, which the LH calc isn’t capable of factoring. If your outside the region and your rate is 7% on monthly then the dealers working in some profit.

Is this quote from an out of state dealer?

No local dealer.

There hiding some profit, it’s about 1k. You can fight them on it but it may be what it is.


OP, are you in Chicago. If the tax rate is 9.5% then it’s close but still not exact.

No Chicago is double that with city of Chicago usage tax. OP is not in Chicago.

This deal has hidden profit as @jd81 said, and I messaged OP.

Tax just doesn’t seem right If you add tax on incentive and payment it doesn’t add up.

What is line 18, total add cap cost of $1228? Your acquisition fee and dealer fee only add up to $1010.

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