M340i Loaner Deal Check


How does this look for a loaner with 2k miles? I also qualify for new grad. I know that the MF is marked up but the discount seems decent for this market.

Bad, looks like full MF markup and less than ideal discount. Depends how much you really want the car, if you want it, see what it comes out to with base, should be in the mid-high 500’s.

Someone the other day got 12% off on a loaner, granted had slightly more miles.

Plug the numbers in the calc and see what the payments would be with base MF, and counter with that if you really want the m340i.

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The marked up mf makes it like 8%. I thought BMW loaner needs to be higher mileage these days.

It does technically to be considered a loaner. The deal sheet says new. 340 inventory is really low. There are even some brokers saying MSRP.

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Lease cash plus new grad should total $2500 ($1500 + $1000) which is not on your deal sheet. If you have tax rate and fees you can make a calculator.

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Not good, that car should be in the 500s for sure.

I will have to get a further breakdown on Monday. I have new grad and a corporate discount so should be a total of $3000 in incentives which would put this around $570 per month with $3k DAS.

How much more discount should I be trying for?

Based on what?

Hard to make a calculator without tax rate, fees, and correct incentives. But assuming $2500 in incentives, buy-rate and $2500 drive off

  • 12% off pre-incentives will put it around $550

  • 10% off pre-incentives will be around $580

Whether you can get there with a M340i loaner at this point, I’m not sure.

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Tax rate is 6.6% but waiting to get a breakdown of the fees.

I started it for you, you can fill out the fees once you have them.


Based on that high MF and low discount. I got a quote on a 60k m340 loaner for 515/mo. 2k DAS… and i got quoted on a .00123 MF. i had ol code but not grad like op or corp, he has more incentives than i would.

OP, there is more there room there for sure. Good luck.


Where are you located?

S. Fla…my dealer had a few m340 loaners, across both their locations, i think like 1 white one and a few black ones.

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South Florida dealers marking up mf is a plague. Most aren’t budging on that.

There’s nothing wrong with a marked up mf. Works out better for you anyway, as long as your get a commensurate discount.

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True. But they’re not really motivated to do that at the moment. If credit meets top tier I think they should provide base buy rate. But it is what it is right now.

Well, you can want that, but doesn’t mean they will or that it is even in your best interest to have them do so. Set your target price and if they can get there with a marked up mf, its only helping you.

People get so caught up on getting buy rate, like the dealer is swindling them for marking it up and doing something unethical. If you’re getting hung up on it, the only one you’re hurting is yourself.

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I got them to $580 with $3k DAS. I’m not overly happy with the deal but contemplating doing it because I have so much equity in my current lease that I can pay the 3k and still pocket $6k.

Is this a dumb was of looking at it? My current lease went from $2k in equity to $9k in a matter of months. Feels like free money that I’m nervous to lose.

That’s like buy rate (0.00093) at 9% off with 2500 incentives. I can’t speak to whether the discount is good, Initially I think buy rate at 12% would be the target, that’s only ~$1000 difference in total lease cost.

If you think you’re playing with house money :grinning: