M340i - Converted? Maybe! Outgoing: 2017 AMG C43

Cheers all!

So my current 2017 AMG C43 (which I have loved) lease is up on Dec 1st. So, as per my usual, I started doing my homework.

First off, I was pretty sad to learn that the new 2020 AMG C43 would NOT be getting the updated/upgraded MBUX (infotainment interface). It’s unfortunately slated for the 2021. No help for me.
So also, this means there’s not too much to excited for, sans a simple exterior refresh, a couple more HP, and a slightly larger Navi screen.

Additionally… I learned that the 59% Residual (fair to good, imo) that I enjoyed in '17 has been obliterated down to like 53%, (if I remember correctly)!
Whatever it is, I just know it was horrible! (my old RV of 59% was for a 36/12 btw). My currently monthly of $583 includes 6% sales, and a MSRP of ~$60k, and about 10% off, and not much of any rebates that I recall.

But I’m not here to discuss that deal, but it was important to note it I think… Because the deal I am here to discuss, I think is fairly solid. But I’m new to Bimmers, and also to Leasehakr. Although, I have done back to back 36 month leases since 1997 for myself, (except for a couple of separate years I was Deployed to Korea and Afghanistan) … I have also brokered around 50 deals for my friends and coworkers. It was a bit of a side hustle, if you will, over the years. I only say all that to help qualify myself as an above average lease consumer, with tons of leasing experience.

So I’m going to try and paste my info from the Leasehackr calculator, below… But if I screw it up, I apologize. It’s my first time.

The details besides that are pretty simple I think.
36/10, all 7 MSDs to get the base rate (0.00128) down to 0.00093. My dealer did try and mark that original rate up to (0.00168) and also said that they (BMW) doesn’t do MSDs Anymore. I politely told him that maybe they have just recently started again, and to please check. I also said my FICO credit score would be ridiculously high, and that we needn’t go further if he was going to mark up the base.

This entire back and forth made the part where I said I was seeking 11% off MSRP, and expected all 3 rebates for $3k total (BMW lease cash/Conquest/Autumn Sales Event) fairly easy. Since they didn’t go back and forth, and accepted my offer, I didn’t beat them up over the ridiculously priced $545 Doc fee. Hey… They gotta eat too, right?

I pretty much optioned the sh*t out of this thing, with the MSRP sitting at $65,670.

So end result, Pre-tax monthly of $517, and with 5% sales tax, I’m looking at $543 per/mo. I’m putting very little down, just enough to cover the fees, and keep my payment (and consequently, my MSDs down below $550 each). Slightly less down, would require me to put an additional (7x$50) $350 Down in deposits.

Important to note: This is $40 per month LESS than I’m currently paying, and with an MSRP of about $5,670 higher. So thanks BMW for swooping in and saving my semi-retired (military only) ass from having to shop a Genesis, or some crazy nonsense and the like. Lol
(G70 did get MT Car off the Year… But it’s RV Are crap too, at 50% I think.

— I’m going to try and put the link to the build here:

—And the leasehackr Calc here:

Sorry, I’m not all that familiar with posting on forums. Forgive my inexperience if those links don’t work out. I’ll probably edit this out, if it all works as planned though. Lol

Okay… So I hope this helps. And please, let me know if you have any questions, and… By all means, tell me if there’s any more juice to squeeze. I’ll probably be handing over my deposit by mid next week. So I’ll have time.

Oh, And btw… I think I’m going to be REALLY happy with the changeover from MB. I test drove it for just over an hour today, and couldn’t be more pleased.

Take care, and Good luck to you all!


Neal, first and foremost thank you for your service and welcome to LeaseHackr.
Second, I think you’ll be very satisfied making the switch to the m340i. It’s a blast to drive.
Finally, you’ve landed a solid deal on a car that just hit lots months ago. Base rate MF with max MSDs (which I don’t recall BMW discontinuing them) and a commendable discount on a well optioned car… Well done and congrats!


Now all we need is pics!

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Alex… Ah, Thank you for that… but it was a an absolute pleasure, and a rewarding experience to boot!! But, again, thank you all the same. Also, I appreciate the feedback. My only wonder was/is if I left anything on the table with the 11% off MSRP. I haven’t seen anything lower yet, but again it was surprisingly my first BMW deal ever, and like I said… I’ve done a ton - including all my side work. lol

But the end result is, I am completely satisfied with the deal. Leaving so little on the bone can’t be done ALL the time. But when it’s my wallet, I’ll strive for just that. lol. He happened to flash another deal (special order) when showing me what my order sheet would look like, and for a smaller build, he got them for a low $700 monthly. So I guess the average of the two is good enough, Haha!

Thanks again for the feedback!!

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Couple of months out unfortunately. But I promise… as soon as the windows get tinted… never before. lol

The DMV area is highly competitive and good discounts easily obtained. I’m actually surprised that a Virginia dealer charges only $454 doc fee, some are as high as $799.

I actually have seen a couple dealers start NOT charging them at all. But they weren’t as flexible on pricing either. (Those were for both Ford and GM, though).

I don’t really mind paying it. If I get a deep cut, I still want all the employees that put everything together to be taken taken care of. $799 IS ridiculous though!!

Nice deal! But by saying “a couple months out” does that mean you won’t get the car for some time? If so wouldn’t the numbers change by then? The RV and MF that is? Perhaps I missed something and, if so, my bad!

Great Question!! And as much info as I DID give (sorry it was so long winded)… I surely failed to mention the details regarding the special order process.

So I will lock in my numbers for September. Everything. RV / MF / and the 3ea rebates/incentives for $1000 each. However, if the numbers trend poorly, and against my favor by the time I take delivery… they will keep me at THESE current numbers.

However, conversely… If the numbers improve, I will be able to benefit from those changes.

So it is definitely zero risk, and potential reward.
Thanks for asking, so that I could clarify!!!

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Thanks for your service. You sometimes hear about soldiers getting taken advantage of at car dealerships, but this looks very solid. Well done.

Those watching from the sidelines should take notes about how this was both negotiated and presented to the forum. Exemplary.


Nice deal on the AMG C43. What’s a popular car in Afghanistan? The Hilux and the Landcruiser?

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Congrats! M340i is one amazing Bimmer.


Much appreciated, and the feedback as well. I was thinking/worrying the post was a bit too long, but I’m super detail oriented, and can’t help but over explain sometimes… (I’m great at parties). Lol

You are 100% correct about service members being taken advantage of. That’s exactly why I became “the guy” that everyone always came to for advice. Over the years that evolved into actually brokering deals, soup to nuts, and them just showing up to the dealership to sign, and take delivery. This also helps me when I introduce myself to a new dealership when I am shopping for myself. Take great care of me… Bacause I have a following that I can bring to you. You won’t make a ton on the car deal… But we can deal a ton of cars! Lol

Both vehicles you mentioned ARE widely used over there, but they also have a tendency to explode without warning! So I recommend these vehicles… The last one is the direct competitor to the Hilux, and the reason for all the issues.


Can anyone get me a 36/10,000 on the A-10 at $300 a month?


We dont negotiate via forum. Come see us and we can work a deal for sure? And how much you want to put down?


Liquidation sale now in Kabul. Get your gently used A10s, Humvees and Ospreys before the troop withdrawal.


Lol, you guys are great!!!
They’ve been trying to replace the A-10 for a long time… but there is nothing else like it.

I started out my Air Force career (in Aircraft Maintenance) with the F-15. And when I moved over to the A-10 unit (Moody AFB, GA), I kept my fighter loyalty. Until I deployed with this beast, and got a real time look at what it provides to the mission. Watching it spread 30mm bursts 100 yards away from our TICs (Troops in Contact), and obliterating the enemy after one or two passes, gives you a new perspective. And having the Special Operators come back from outside the wire and visit our Unit to thank us, is pretty damn rewarding!!

Like I said before… it was truly a rewarding experience. And ultimately worth all the sacrifices.


Hopefully an easy enough question, but first some background.

The dealer I am working with has claimed that BMW does NOT offer a 36 mo / 7.5 mi option for the 3 Series… specifically the M340i.

They also originally claimed to NOT know that BMW allows for MSDs anymore, and additionally thought that I wouldn’t mind the .00040 markup on the MF.

So I truly am not 100% feeling trusting in everything they are claiming.

So now, the easy question:
Can I lease for 36/7.5… and if so… at what Residual?
I assume the MF will stay at .00128 (before MSDs).

BMW doesn’t offer 7.5k/mi leases on the 3 Series, only on the higher-end models (7 Series, 8 Series, i8, X7).