M340i... anybody else have extra tips or advice? Thank you


Excuse me if this post is not worded to exact preferences of the forum. Appreciate all of you and I love this community. Dealer is at best discount on a m340i at 11.5% off msrp on a custom order of my exact build but will not budge on a marked up money factor (0.00185) I’m at 691 with tax on 36/12 term lease. 2287$ DAS. In Florida so naturally the doc fee is inevitable. Tried to get them to throw in ceramic coat and tint to make the deal. What else can I do??

11.5% is very good pre rebates

Sometimes you get a better discount to supplement a higher MF

They need to make money somewhere

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Is it better to have 10 percent off msrp w base mf or 11.5 off w maxed up mf. Put it in calculator and see which is cheaper and you have an answer

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Seems like dealer needs to meet some end of month quota… 11.5% on a custom order is great imo. In CA the best I for was 9% with 0.00165 MF after talking to 6-8 dealers (for X5)

What is the MSRP of your custom build?

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Msrp is 63,320… yeah I’m at my best deal considering I don’t qualify for loyalty and have no OL code. Just looking for approval and due diligence from this post.

That’s a darn fine deal! Use max MSD’s and that monthly comes way down and you minimize the marked up MF. OL codes don’t work on ordered cars anyway.

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Plane ticket is cheaper than paying $760/mo effectively.

Recently did a $700/mo deal for similarly priced car fully capped with 4xMSD. Specifics were 11% dealer discount and $2,000 incentives. Texas taxes ($100/mo capped) made it a bit less sweet than it could have been but overall a good deal.

Press for buy rate (or offer to meet halfway at .00165 if keeping 11.5% discount) and make sure they’re not trying to tack on any adds (it’s a custom order, so there shouldn’t be.)

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Ol codes do work on ordered cars as long as they were not previously ordered, and delivered before the expiration date.

My OL code says it’s only valid on dealer stock and 18/19 model years. I’ve heard of several people getting denied on the m340i not sure if it was because it’s a 2020 or because it was ordered. Has anybody gotten it to work on a 2020 m340i?

Thank you for all your input… makes me feel good about my decision… this is a splurge so I needed this to be as guilt free as possible. Cheers!! Pics posted on delivery. Portimao blue with cognac interior open pore wood trim black 19’ m sport wheels.


Mine must have different t&c’s, it specifically says 2020s are included. X7 8ers m2 and m5 are all that are excluded.

I was able to use the OL Code on my 2020 without issue. Agree with Electric try to push for something in the middle. 11.5 % discount is very aggressive otherwise. Doc fees in FL are killer though.


Was this recent?? Any new path to another OL code score this month??

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Another SFL member looking to pickup an M340i out of state within the next two weeks, just waiting to see what August’s numbers looks like and my OL is applicable to the M340. Copied from the my OL code email.

*$1,000 offer valid on eligible vehicles test-driven June 18, 2019 through June 22, 2019 and delivered June 18, 2019 through September 2, 2019. Eligible models include most new in-stock MY2018, MY2019 and MY2020 BMWs.

You’re going to have a commanding view with those 19-foot wheels!


Mine says the exact same thing, just too difficult to cut and paste from an iPad (for me anyway)

Custom builds don’t count towards their quotas until the month they’re delivered.

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Hahaha I had to replace my tractor and daily with this car and they ran out of 20’

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Hey there, may I ask for a 330i with M sport package, how much discount wound considering a good one? :joy: