M3 Jahre Edition, X5 45e, M4 Frozen Portimao Blue 🥶 and X3!

Just dropped like fresh pair of royal AJ1’s

Jahre Edition M3 Interlagos Blue.

X5 45e:zap: Let’s get you plugged in:electric_plug:
modifiable available

X3 30 and M40 inbound and modifiable

Check out this new M4 Comp Coupe! in Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic. No dealer adds or broker fee!


Thank you to everyone who purchased through 12/31 and 1/3 and referred customers to the amazing deal!
Limited availability. No broker fee. Selling fast!!
No quote requests in this thread please. Call for quote. 202-262-2900.

M3 coming soon! It’s getting inspected. Roughly 3k miles on odometer. 6 speed manual!

Just dropped like fresh pair of royal AJ1’s

Jahre Edition M3 Interlagos Blue.

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Hi there. Interested in making something happen quickly if the correct vehicle is available.

BMW X5 xdrive 40i. Dark exterior, silverstone or ivory white interior. M sport with all the bells and whistles.

Willing to put down up to 2k down. Looking for under $700 per month, all included. 10k, 36 month. Zip code is 20009

That isnt happening. That didnt even happen in 2020/2021 before covidcar.


200% on that.

Even on a loaner maxed out at 20% off that’s not happening.


Assuming that’s around 80K build, 19% with full MSDs, loyalty and an OL code and you are there :rofl: but at 9% off he is about 250/ month off

This guy e-mailed me the other day. I gave him options within his budget, but I guess he really wants an X5 at an X3 price. Can’t help them all.


Damage disclosure time.

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Even without DC tax @notaleasepro and subsequent posts are correct.

BMW dealer demos that had minor fender benders were the BEST back in the day!


I only do this with a burner email and a google number.

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M4 Competition Coupe with Individual Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic is now available. No broker fee. Dealer direct.

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