Lyriq Lux 2 (1SD), first time leasing

Hey, I’m looking to get a Luxury/Sport 2/3 in Northern California. Below is my current quote:

AWD Lyriq Luxury 2 (1SD)
Stellar Black Metallic
Noir w/ Santorini Blue Accents

36 Months @ 10,000 Miles
2500 Down

I unfortunately only have an Acura, so I don’t qualify for Conquest.
I managed to get a Supplier Discount & Costco Discount. I don’t feel like I have a lot of negotiation power, but any advice? I don’t think the deal is terrible, and I’m honestly willing to go through with it, but always looking to save where I can.

Do you have the breakdown of incentives and dealer discount?

No, just the overview quote.

I’ve contacted pretty much every dealership within 100 miles, and this is the lowest I could get. I wish I had started this last month when the deals were actually good haha.

Supplier + Costco would be 2000 if I understand correctly.

Hard to tell based on the limited information you’re giving. Location? Tax rate?