Lyriq Deal Check

Cadillac Lyriq Level 1 RWD, Northern California area. $4700 down and $430/month on a 24 month lease. Has anyone in California found a better deal? Or is this a good deal? First time lease buyer,

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It’s hard to evaluate a deal based on monthly payment and drive-off alone. There are factors like the MSRP, annual mileage, sales tax rate, eligible incentives, etc., that make it difficult to compare apples to apples. For example, there’s Costco and lease conquest incentives that will drastically affect the pricing.

Try creating a target deal on Leasehackr Calculator reflecting your circumstances and compare it to the quote received from a dealer.


The MSRP is $63,710 on the level 1, it has 9 thousand in rebates with a $2,500 discount!

$2500 dealer discount seems weak. Seems like 6% + is attainable based on previous posts. Maybe some recent Lyric leasees can chime in on this.

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