Luxury SUV/Crossover for around $300?

This is my first lease. Is it possible to find a luxury SUV or crossover right now for around $300, $0 down/ 12 or 15k miles assuming I max out on MSDs? Compacts are fine. I would preferably want something better than the base model but I am flexible.

I can go up to $370.

I’m in Boston.


Acadia Denali, has some pretty good lease deals.

Specifically, this deal, assuming the advertised price is accurate the deal could be quite good:
I haven’t included any of the lease cash into the lease calculation as I wasn’t sure whether it had already been calculated in the sale price:

Toyota Highlander XLE with 9 MSD’s. Drive off should be under $800.00 plus about $3700 or so of the fully refundable MSD money. Should be around $350-$360 if I recall from some of my figuring before finally getting the Limited Trim.

Infiniti QX30 (search the forum for relevant threads) and possibly QX50

Mercedes GLA

Anyone know if a BMW X1 can be had for $370? You can swap into one for $350

I highly doubt you can get it for that
much off MSRP.
Considering 74% for 24/10k it comes to $206 before tax.
That being said I see it being advertised for even less than that.

There is about 3500 in rebates, so its possible. I mean this by far wasn’t the lowest price I saw on autotrader. Some of the models dipped below 38.

Yeah some of them make a negative monthly for 24/10.
Is the $3500 rebate public?

This was provided by autotrader, but I am not seeing it on However, there a 17% discount on the acadia denali accoring to To come up with the $3500, I added the Private offer 1500 (easily obtained through filling out a form on their site) and the cashback of 2k.

You may want to also look at an RDX

Can the 17% off be used on a lease? Do the lease incentives stack on top of this?

It doesn’t say it can’t be used on a lease, then again it doesn’t say that it can.

Banks will not lease at the advertised price of $39,628 shown above. How did you obtain the $1500 private offer?

Thanks for the suggestions! I think I’d be most interested in a BMW X3, Audi Q5, or Acura RDX. Any possibility of getting this at this price? I’d be willing to go a little higher into the low 400’s but would rather not!