Luxury sedans I can get with a $400/mo, 0$ down budget, and 15k/yr?

Looking at leasing a Alfa Romeo Guilia, Infiniti Q50, Audi A4, or Kia Stinger next month. Will I be able to get a lease for $3-400 for any of these with 0 down and 15k/yr? My favorite at the moment is the Alfa. My zip is 03062, looking in MA and NH.


Audi isn’t happening at that price point, so I wouldn’t even bother looking at one

Q50 MAYBE, depending on trim/options…doubtful for the Giulia. Stop wasting your time on the A4 and Stinger…those aren’t going to happen.

The best deals are with MSD. Can you put down MSD?

What would I be looking at for an a4?

Yeah I could probably swing $1-2k in MSDs

Acura TLX A-SPEC or Volvo S90

Local Alfa dealer had a deal on a 2018 for around $379 0 Down 12k/24. Intrigued to see if the deal will come back around in June.

Read the fine print…Plus tax, tags, etc…and likely something down.

Yeah been seeing some crazy deals with the S90, wonder if I can get something similar in NH.

Go for a 13% discount before incentives or a loaner as Volvo has lowered the residuals

Shoot for the T6 or stick with the T5?

T6 had the better deals i thought.

Stick with T6 24months with MSDs.

For an A4 I would assume mid to high $400s. Premium Plus is a better value. For a base Premium Plus with 15k miles I would assume about $480

A base Giulia would’ve been doable <400/mo last month, but incentives (at least for CA where I am) went away this month. I’m glad I got my Ti in time!

Edit: I was wrong. I had checked incentives yesterday and they were gone, but looks like they’re back today. So same deal this month ($2750/mo off for lease, $1750/mo off for purchase in CA, and I checked MA is the same).

So, you should be able to get a non-Ti Giulia within your price range.


Is this deal still going to be doable with the new RV?

no msds this month on the Q50.

Bmw 3 series would be super manageable at that price point especially with the 2019 being redesigned. The 2018s should be going sub 400 for a fully loaded 24month/15k

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S90 deals are going to be next to impossible this month.