Luxry 3 row SUV choices

Hi Hackrs,

I am in market for 3 ROW suv lease ,

Following is my specific requirement

The 2nd row should be able to accommodate 2 car seat and adult with comfort.

Looking for the monthly payment of around 450 with 0 down. -

We test drove XC90 but didn’t find second row that comfrtables.

Not many choices really. Infiniti and Lexus are leasing decently from what I see.

with infinity qx60 we have some good incentive and rebates but residual is around 52% so both coming around 450

We looked at the infinity (no air conditioning in the 3rd row), and the lexus 460 has no trunk. Just some FYI if you are looking at those…
The xc90 has no 3rd row - it is so small. Also doesn’t come with captains chairs, and we wanted captains chairs to make it easier to get to the 3rd row. If you don’t need quick access to the 3rd row then this won’t matter to you.
We liked the Atlas but I couldn’t get the deals to work from VW. We ended up with the Traverse. If you are looking for space, nothing will compare to the new Traverse. My husband was really against it until we went and test drove - the 2018 is so much nicer than we thought!
It is not considered luxury (I don’t think), we got the premier and it is really nice inside! Cameras and safety features on the premier are amazing.
We have 4 kids so space was our number 1 factor. If we didn’t need space in the 3rd row and trunk then my next favorite would have been the Volvo.
I hope that helps!

Good thing that the XC90 wasn’t in your budget. Best off looking at the Traverse.

With the target lease payment you are limiting your options, it sucks but 3 row SUV’s are known high demand right now. A possible option you could look at is the Buick Enclave, the 2018 is a new model so you might be able to find some deals on the 2017 and it has a ton of space.

Don’t overlook Car and Driver’s favorite, the Mazda CX-9 Signature edition. All the luxury, heads up display, adaptive cruise. blind spot, auto wipers, auto headlight, three zone climate controls, etc., etc.

Sorry- I had not looked at your question completely and didn’t notice your numbers. The Lexus might fit in your budget. The xc90 won’t. They were asking more and same with the Atlas.
We didn’t look at the cx9- I had heard great things but my husband wasn’t interested.
I just had a personal thing with the VW dealer and couldn’t stomach giving them my business. The Traverse might come in around there if you look at the model under the premier. Maybe even the premier? I am not 100% sure since we rolled in 4k in negative equity.
Good luck!

I looked at cx-9 in bay area , it’s near luxury but I still count them at standard 3 row suv

how much did you lease for?

i didn’t lease cx-9, they were asking around 380 month.