Lux Midsize (528Xi, Eclass, A6, GS)

Hi all - been lurking for too long. Just started my search in Chicago for a Luxury Midsize and was really disappointed at the current quotes ($560ish plus 2-6k down) for this type of car. Anyone with some success stories on a Luxury midsize (BMW 528XI, E350 4 Matic, Lexus GS F-sport, or Audi A6) is it just a bad time for this type of car? (I should have bit on the Eclass deal in DEC!)

A dealer in NJ is offering this and it seems like a solid deal.

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I have assumed that the mf is .00083. If so, my math says that the sale price of that car is only $48,422. That’s a nice discount off of the msrp which is $57,860. Is it a weird color or something or is this where the market is for these cars?

$48,422 Sale Price
($34,716) Residual

$13706 Total Depreciation
Divided by 36 months

$380.72 monthly depreciation

Interest component:


X .00083

$69.00 Interest Payment

Total Payment is therefore $69 + $380.72 = $449.72 Plus Tax

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i did 2016 e350w4, sticker 65k, no money down, 9 msd, for 507/mo at motorwerks.

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I wonder how legit this company is. Their prices are pretty decent

given what this site is about, i’d be suspect of any lease deal that only had a price on it. we all know, the sweet spot in a lease is when you know all the factors that go into that payment.

yep - cant get sub $500 on any of these, going to see what happens in march - Might give the genesis a shot since it seems i can get under $400 a month on a 15 based on my calculators and there are a bunch in chicago … but alas its a hyundai

Here are some ads I’ve come across from local dealers here. It gives an idea as to how much one should pay at least in Southern California:

$528/month and $0 due at signing (inclusive of license, reg, first payment, etc.) amounts to roughly a $46,000 selling price on a $54,000 MSRP car.

MSDs would lower payments by about $40 a month. College Grad and Driving Event Credit, BMW CCA rebate, and Corporate Fleet Incentive would be icing on the cake.

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