Lucid Motors spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

How did you swing that? Should I try to get them to cover my flight to SF :rofl:

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BTW does anyone know if these leases are transferable?

There are threads on some of the Lucid Forums around offering lease transfers, so assuming the leasing Bank hasn’t changed (current is BofA) then it sounds like its possible.

I wasn’t able to find anything concrete on transferability.

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I have an interesting story. I just ended up with a very smart sales person who btw is not my Delivery Advisor. He searched around 1000 miles to find an eligible car for me but they were all gone. Once one popped up, he called me and informed me that he can VIN swap at the backend and get this car assigned to my order. Then he arranged the executive ride. I just sat on my ass and let him take care of everything. :man_shrugging:t3:

They should at least pick you up from the airport.

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Can you PM me contact info for your SA? I have a confirmed order but no point of contact :rofl:

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I was told by the sales person that they have replaced their whole financing/leasing system and now the approvals are no longer manual and takes a few minutes.

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Yeah, I think I will at least ask for that. Their center is close by, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Just accepted the lease offer and am waiting for my final contract!


@renren can you share your SA contact info, I have placed order for existing inventory and my SA was not able to help with stacking $5k discount on top.

Did you reserve a vehicle that was listed as Available Now and not in-transit or two to four weeks out? The offer only applies to vehicles on-site at the time of order.


it said two weeks out for delivery when I placed the order.

Since that’s the case, it’s not qualified for the $5000 on-site discount. It wasn’t considered ‘existing inventory’ at the time of order.


I’m waiting for my final numbers. :crossed_fingers:Hoping to be in the low 3s.


Still hunting over here… Any clue if the $5k applies to Touring?

I just signed my paperwork. $430 with tax in Florida. 18 months/15K miles. $500 to order online and then $617.95 due at signing.


There is no language that prohibits it and when looking at payment options for a Touring it shows text around the $5k incentive so I’d assume it applies.

looks like the east mid Atlantic 23’s and NE 2023 with incentives are gone, was the 5k getting applied on vehicles not on the lot yet with these VIN swaps?

I was able to secure an in stock unit in Boston. Registration would be in PA. One of the advisors I spoke to believes I would need to pay Massachusetts sales tax even if registering in PA. Anyone know the answer to this?

Would be shocked if you pay MA tax on that.

multiple people I spoke to say you’d pay MA tax because you took delivery there.

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