Lucid Motors spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

So the “Lucid Charging Station” is $1200 in their shop. With this credit, we can get it for $200?

  1. Where you gonna choose from lol they all sold out.
  2. Yes and yes
  3. I’m told there’s no other incentives
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Based on the calculator and 90025 zip, it’s about $8763-$5000 = $3763DAS and $729 tax included. I don’t know if my understanding/calculation is correct, but it’s a really good deal if that’s the case.

Where do you put in the referral code in the order? Or do you give it to them verbally over the phone? My orders don’t have it anywhere in the online payment details.

Your sales rep can add it to the list of discounts prior to you applying for a lease/purchase.

Someone mentioned touring and grand touring get the 5k even if not on site, is that accurate?

Yep I just got off the phone with them.

So according to my local rep, there aren’t any in stock at the moment here, and they’re literally just building individual 23s and sending them out. Also, the only demos available on at the moment are in those dealerships in San Diego and San Fransisco. If you want one of those demo’s and your dealership doesn’t have any, you have to pay the shipping.

yes they give you a “coupon code” to buy it on the website for $200.

Sadly, they ended their contract with EA, so no free charging.

1 - according to the sales manager here locally, no, you’re literally reserving what is shown.

2 - yes still available and yes you can use whoever you want they ship it to you like Mercedes is doing with their free charger.

3 - what other incentives are even available?

only grand touring not touring and only 2023

Just got some clarification on the charger situation as well - only EA at the moment the NCAS isn’t going to be updated until some time in 2025. Gets level 3 at EA.

I submitted an online app and BOA/Lucid Financial approved it. Right now, I am waiting for confirmation on my final lease numbers. They (Lucid folks) have to somehow manually add the $5k onsite credit and the $750 referral credit to my account.

Once all that information has been added and my account updated with the correct figures, I will share my lease numbers.

It will be freakng nuts if my monthly is less than that of my Ioniq 5 I am supposed to pick up this weekend.


No $750 for OH or VA. :rage: and $3k in taxes on an 18 month lease in VA.

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You can always move to Massachusetts :grin::joy:


I got assigned a local unit using VIN swap yesterday. There were no more left in their system but the guy I talked to earlier in the day was able to find one later on and assign the VIN to my order. The numbers got populated this morning.

Addons: 20” Aero Lite, AWD, Surreal Sound Pro

These are the numbers with taxes included:
MSRP: 79,550
After all credits: 59,975 (System doesn’t show which credits were applied.)
Further rebate: 7,500
18/10k miles: 397 + 1222 DAS
18/7.5k miles: 360 + 1186 DAS
18/5k miles: 325 + 1150 DAS
Additional $1k allowance for lucid charging station within 24 hours after delivery.

What miles are you guys choosing and what’s the over mileage charges?

So for the 18 months lease, we have to pay for the California registration twice?

Edit: Also, they are giving me an Executive Ride (shuttle) to LA to take delivery. :grin:


$0.25/mile is the overage charge, so it cheaper to take more miles upfront if you plan to use them.

Option 1: $464/month effective
Option 2: $426/month effective
Option 3: $389/month effective

Those are some solid numbers for the caliber of car. Best I was able to find for VA was ~$560/month effective due to the tax situation.

Is that including LA taxes?

Yes you’ll have to pay registration again.

I decided to pull the trigger and have been approved by Lucid.

There was an issue where the on-site discount did not apply. Once that has been fixed, I will provide my numbers. I also opted for 7500 miles, since the monthly payment appeared to drop by around $40 dollars.


Yes. It includes the “Acquisition Fee”, “Est. registration & additional fees”, “Est. CCR Tax”.
The taxes are probably for San Diego, where I am located.

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That’s a great deal!!!