Lucid Motors spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

LOLOLOL the :goat: don’t have one yet he is waiting to sign his $69 a month


I’m just kidding around. I don’t know what I would do with another car. Don’t even have a place to park at the moment.


$500 deposit is refundable for 7 days

I just signed a deal on an Ioniq 5 last week. I don’t need a second car, but we shall see. :grin::joy:

You guys have established SA contacts you’re going through? My SAs are long gone from Lucid

I have been emailing a sales specialist at HQ in CA.

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That’s what I was told today as well.

Did this include tax? Was this a lower MSRP? Great deal.

Anyone have referral code

Try this. @aseet_patel has been kind enough to share his code.

I am sure there are other folks willing to hare their code with you.

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If anyone needs a code here you go

I’ll add it to the top of the post


In order to get this deal, is the only way to speak to a Lucid sales associate?

I fortunately work 8 minutes away from the Lucid HQ, so maybe I can get some info and post it here.

Any suggestions on what to ask?

God damn we just got our second car, the Ariya.

We don’t need a 3rd one we don’t need a 3rd one we don’t need a 3rd one…


Congrats to LH’ers for wiping out all remaining '23 inventory that was available in 7 hours!


Check your DMs.

I literally just signed a deal on a new car not even 5 days ago. :grin:

I told myself I wouldn’t get one since I just picked up my Ioniq 5, but a sub $400 monthly was hard to pass up.

Here’s some preliminary info on the deal I just reserved:

  • Model: 2023 Pure AWD
  • MSRP: $79,300
  • Terms: 18 months / 7500 miles
  • Monthly: $353 (not sure if it is inclusive of 6.25% tax - I will follow up on that)
  • DAS: $6,657-$5,000 (On-site credit)
  • DAS with referral credit applied: $907

A few points I want to add:

  • I did see the $750 referral credit applied once the car was reserved. However, it was not reflected in their lease calculator.
  • The $500 deposit was applied to the final sale price

I am not even sure if I will take delivery, but I did not want to miss out on Lucid-Mania. I am going to check with my insurance agent what premiums would look like on this car.

Thanks @aseet_patel for the referral link.


If anyone comes across a lead on a northeast ‘23 in stock, I’d love help tracking one down.

Meanwhile I’ll be over here refreshing the lucid website on my browser lol!

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  1. Can we choose a different vehicle after making a reservation? (I might want a different color)
  2. Is the $1k allowance for a level 2 charger still available? If yes, can we use our own electrician for the install?
  3. Can we qualify for additional incentives? AAA?

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

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Sales rep gave me a call today evening asking if I was still interested and told me about the deals on 2023. But Pure is sold out in California except one grand touring.

For others if interested, Grand Touring is about $730 month including taxes not sure about drive offs (I think it would be around $3k). Another option is they have white 2024 Lucid Air for $575/month and tax+title+reg at DAS.

Personally 2023 Pure would have been really tempting but leased a car not too long ago and my family will disown me.

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I’m glad these disappeared as this was way too tempting and I would have been murdered if I got another car. There was a Pure for $64k near me that would have made a nice deal. Congrats to whomever scooped these up!

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