Lowest Money Factor for Lexus and Infiniti?

Does anyone know that Minimum MF you can go for both Lexus and Infiniti?

I think lexus is .000038, but not sure…


0.00001 is technically the lowest MF that can be used in leasing but lenders don’t buy it down that far unless they ar eout of options (demand has to be extremely low). Lexus is currently down to 0.00001 on CT.

Infiniti is currently down to 0.00003 on some trims in the Q50 and QX30 models. I’m sure they’ve gone down to 0.00001 in the past but I don’t have a time series back more than a couple months.

Looking for lowest MF for both is350 f sport AWD and q50 Red Sport AWD in seattle and portland! I thought lowest MF was determined by Manufacturer?

The MF is only one lever in the monthly payment calculation. The RV%, MSRP, negotiated purchase price and any other lease incentives are the others that impact your payment.

Q50 Red Sport AWD Sedan
MF: 0.00009
RV: 54%

IS 350 AWD
MF: 0.00055
36/15k RV: 57%

Most Defenently. I received all the other info from the dealer/doing research. The only information i could not find was the lowest MF.

Is 0.00055 the lowest for Lexus or base MF? Edmonds shows .00080 for 36/10k at 60% residue